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Magazine Scan Teases! SHF Boba Fett and PS4 Spidey, plus MAFEX Spider-Man 1.5

Oooooooo, looky looky. Magazine scans of new toys! Official promos should be coming quick but here’s some teases for upcoming S.H. Figuarts and MAFEX figures!

I’m not exactly sure what is different about this Medicom MAFEX Spider-Man Homecoming 1.5 yet, I’m sitting in a hotel room on the last leg of my journey home, but I know for sure one of the masked heads is different. I’m sure of it. 90% sure. Looks like we’ll be able to compare the two….in about a year. The MAFEX Homecoming Spidey is my top movie Spidey so this isn’t a bad thing.

Bandai isn’t pulling any punches though, going straight for the PS4 Spidey until the solicit more movie Parkers. Here’s more than a tease, whoever scans these magazines didn’t even get him fully in shot. That’s okay, soon. Soon.

And then finally, lots of us at Star Wars Celebration was wondering why Tamashii Nations seems to full stop on Star Wars Figuarts, seems they were just biding time. Here’s the Return of the Jedi Boba Fett! I’m betting that MAFEX keeps the crown here but I still have to give it a test drive. I just gotta.

More pics and info soon, probably before I can even make it home tonight.