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Bandai S.H. Figuarts Avengers Infinity War Falcon

Avengers End Game is just around the corner and it’s time to look back to Avengers Infinity War and look at Bandai’s recent release of S.H. Figuarts Falcon.

Personally, I think Bandai continues to nail their digital scans for head sculpts and the Anthony Mackie head sculpt included in this action figure is perfect. Well for a 6 inch scaled plastic action figure, that is. Mackie, the actor who plays Sam Wilson, a.k.a the Falcon, first appeared in Marvel’s Captain America Winter Soldier becoming a staple character to the Marvel Universe. Since then he’s been in just about every Marvel release, his current appearance in Avengers Infinity War.

I will admit a bit of ignorance on the costume details, this is his costume from Infinity War, but I think it’s the same costume he wore in Ant-Man as well as Captain America Civil War. There might be differences, and I will leave it to the loyal fanbase to discuss the differences. But the costume, better yet, the sculpt is beautiful. I love the look and the attention to detail makes this a visually pleasant figure to put on shelf.

Falcon comes with some extras, the usual assortment of hands, guns, the 2 heads, extra backpack, a peg for a stand (not included) and wings. The wings attach to the extra backpack via 2 ball joints and each wing has a socket for handles that can be attached. The backpack also has a peg hole for the peg that attached to a stand in-place of using the claw arms. The guns are nice, the guns hands aren’t perfect as there is a little bit of a loose fit.

The articulation on this figure is amazing, again Bandai nails mixing super posabability with the sculpt and each joint has an excellent range of motion. I sound like a broken record when I type sentences like that, but it has to be written.

Is this figure worth exclusive pricing, no. No figure is, but if we want to get something that we’ve never gotten before then we have to buck and pay the person. I’m happy I have this figure, it’s a beautiful sculpt, well engineered and fun to play with. As I’m only collecting S.H. Figuarts movie figures and no other brand, Falcon is an excellent addition to my collection.

You can still get Falcon today at: