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Zombie13: Spider-Man Noir Fedora

I had posted a picture if the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir action figure a few weeks ago and the overwhelming response I got was that the figure really needed a hat! If you too feel the sting of a hatless Spidey, long time Fwoosher and Customizer Zombie13 has got you covered with a hat designed specifically to work with the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir. Let’s take a look!

Zombie13 sculpted this hat specifically to fit the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure and has teamed up with myactionfigurecustoms.com to sell them to collectors.

The hat is well sculpted and is cast in a solid material that is painted a nice matte black with a glossier black hat band. Aesthetically it matches perfectly to the Spider-Man Noir figure and is designed to fit precisely right on the figure’s head.

Oftentimes I will find with removeable hats, the fit is off, or loose, or fiddly and it’s sometimes a struggle to find the right position for it. Sometimes when you find that perfect position it falls off or slips while you are posing the figure, but this goes to the exact right spot and stays there solidly while handling the figure.

The hat gets him a lot closer to the feel of Spider-Man Noir from the Into the Spider-Verse movie. For me, I love it because it really amps up the old-school film noir, hard-boiled detective feel of the figure. I had a ton of fun setting up some film noir lighting conditions to shoot this guy and want to do more.

It’s definitely improved this figure for me. If you want one of these for yourself, head over to https://www.myactionfigurecustoms.com/#/ . The price is very reasonable for a hand sculpted, painted, and cast accessory.