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Hasbro Marvel Legends Hercules, Nighthawk, and Living Laser on eBay

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Nothing Earth-shattering here, just some factory figures of the upcoming Living Laser, Nighthawk, and Hercules up on eBay out of China. So this should be how the final pieces look. Y’know, without the scratches and such. Hopefully.

Living Laser is a bit darker when it comes to the translucent pink and the white isn’t as nicely done, but I completely expected that. Hand-painted prototypes tend to look a little more intricate.

For reference, here’s the original promo pic:

With Nighthawk the differences are even less noticeable. Maybe a little darker overall. And I always love me a good back shot that’s all cape. Mmmm.


Finally, I think Hercules is the most interesting. We get a back pic and we find out he comes with fists. FISTS! It’s a little more glossy than the proto but again, expected. Check out the weapons storage on the back too. Sweet.

And then the original promo pic:

No other presale figures from the seller so it looks like we’re still waiting for Toy Fair to find out which figures go where.