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Best Of 2018: Mafex Justice League Batman

I love highly articulated, well sculpted figures, and I love Batman. I also love the batman costume in Justice League. So for me, this was an easy choice for one of my favorite figures of the year.

Mafex pumped out some really cool figures the entire year, but this one in particular really hit the spot for me. I loved the look of him in the movie, and this is a perfect plastic representation of him. Sculpt, articulation, and paints were all on point. I like this look so much, he’s become my default “main” Batman on my shelves.

I’ve had this figure for over nine months and I still can’t help myself when I pass him on the shelf to grab him and play with him, or put him in a cool “Batman” pose on my counter. This is just a great figure all around that I love having in my collection. The fact that it’s of a character and a costume I love just adds to that, and really makes him one of my favorite figures in my collection.