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Hasbro Captain Marvel Legends Wave on eBay and Spoiler Talk

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It looks like the Captain Marvel Legends (just rolls off the tongue, eh?) wave is dropping overseas, given the loose pics I’ve seen on social media and now this eBay auction. But, tread carefully, there be spoilers ahead…

Again, if you’re avoiding any knowledge of the movie before seeing it in theaters, I suggest clicking away. Maybe look at new promo images of the Spider-Man Legends Kingpin wave?

Still here?

First of all, we recently received promotional images of the Captain Marvel Legends wave with “Starforce Commander” suspiciously missing. We thought maybe it came with a spoilery accessory, but they didn’t care too much about the cat in shackles thing so we probably should have known better.

Before we actually look at toys, let’s discuss yesterday’s “reveal.” Ya know, just to set the scene. Jude Law’s identity in the movie has been kind of a poorly kept secret since production started, what with Funko blowing the reveal by posting pics of a Pop labelled “Yon-Rogg.” But yesterday a lot of news outlets discovered the official Disney site had posted some stills from the movie with one labeled “Jude Law as Mar-Vell.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, right? Maybe not. Oddly enough, today that same pic is captioned “Leader of the Starforce.”

Why the change? Are they keeping his identity that big of a secret? Are they pulling a u-turn at the last minute and actually making Law Mar-Vell instead of Yon-Rogg? Did someone on website duty post it too early and get a hand slap? Because besides the Pop slip, we now see another case of Yon-Rogg on this Marvel Legends packaging currently up for auction.

Or, is it an actual plot point that Yon-Rogg is in disguise as Mar-Vell, or vice versa? Or maybe the character is actually an amalgam of the two and names weren’t decided upon until recently? Did Hasbro not send out promo pics because they are currently doing last minute changes to the package and this auction is early samples? Toy makers need a huge lead time in order to get action figures on the shelves at the same time the movie releases, which is why we sometimes see costume elements in plastic that may not actually appear in the final film.

I’m going with Yon-Rogg being the original plan and Disney later deciding to make him Mar-Vell. I don’t know. In fact, it’s not a huge deal, but it’s fun to follow the trail. Plus I just like looking at new toys. I’m not paying that auction price though.

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