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Top Five Most-Anticipated Upcoming Marvel Legends Figures

With toy collecting, one thing you can count on is the inevitable swift passage of time and how fast something goes from being months away to in stock and shipping soon. 2019 is already nudging up against out collective buttocks, pushing us into the future. Fwoosh is currently in the middle of yet another top ten, which means Toyfair and then SDCC is just around the corner, ready to start the process all over again.

With so many brand new toys on the horizon, let’s all stop and take a minute to reflect on what we’re looking forward to getting. Because you know and I know that as soon as we get those figures, we’ve already got those figures, and we’re on to the next figures we want to get. Once 2019 is over, we’ll all be looking forward to the inevitable Iron man 2020, which would be absolutely ridiculous not to actually get in that particular year!!!

Here follows the top five upcoming Marvel Legends figures I’m most looking forward to, in no order.


Damn, does this figure look good or does this figure look good. Sure, he’s not wearing the traditional cravat that I’m more accustomed to him wearing, and he’s not wearing purple pants that he bought at the Big and Tall section of the same store Bruce Banner shops at, but just from an aesthetic standpoint alone this Kingpin figure more than makes up for that loss. It makes the old Toybiz figure look archaic by contrast. I can’t wait to have him beat up both Spider-Man and Daredevil. I wouldn’t mind a second release of this figure in a black suit. And then a third in red. There’s no canonical reason for that, I just think it would look neat.


It’s like somebody at Hasbro said “this highly acrobatic character needs to have a figure that can pull off those highly acrobatic moves.” Finally, a Beast that looks like it will be able to do all the Beast-like stuff that a character like Beast can do. I think Beast is going to be like the Thing, where I’m going to buy multiples just because it’s such a damn sexy looking figure. Toys done right deserve to be rewarded by multiple purchases. If they can give the same type of attention to the hopefully inevitable Nightcrawler we might have a future favorite on our hands, but for now Beast is best.


The modern version of Hercules wasn’t my first choice of Hercules figures, but a combination of my love of the character and actually reading the trade that collected the costume’s first appearance has bumped up my appreciation of this overall look. It will still not nullify my desire for a much much better version of that old Hasbro Hercules travesty, but it’ll do. Costume choices aside, it just looks like a well-proportioned and damn fun figure, and I look forward to him punching things with vigor and stuff.

Night Thrasher

A 90s design that isn’t rife with pouches, Night Thrasher was a surprise reveal. I wasn’t sure how much of a chance character like this might have, but now that he’s coming my excitement for him has ratcheted up, and it makes me want a complete New Warriors more than ever. I’ve heard (read) talk that Thrasher’s wave is weak, but this is yet another of those things that makes me lower my eyebrows muppet-like and grunt in the back of my throat.

Weapon X Wolverine

The first thing I did when this figure was revealed was reread Barry Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X story. This is as niche as Wolverine figures go, and I can understand if naked Logan does nothing for you, but as far as paying homage to one of the best Wolverine stories (and a far far better story than the disappointing Wolverine: Origin ended up being) this figure rockets past a host of other figures that might have otherwise found their way onto this list.

Honorable mention: Killmonger

Mainly because this looks like it’s going to be as close to a 6-inch GI Joe figure as we’re ever going to get.

That’s my five. It was a hard one to narrow down on a few, but I’m satisfied with this choices. Have your own list? Let us know!