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Hasbro: Black Series Mimban Stormtrooper Review

It’s been a while since the first Hasbro Mimban Stormtroopers started showing up overseas. I was able to see Robo’s review and had time to order a 3rd Party accessory cloak for my trooper while I waited for these to land in the US. Thankfully the wait was over last week and I was able to find a whole case of these Wal-Mart exclusives at my local store. Let’s take a look at the Mimban Stormtrooper!

The Mimban Stormtrooper is from a brief sequence in the recent Solo: A Star Wars Story film that features some gritty battle scenes on muddy terrain. The box is a little unique for the black series as it has a muddy brown accents as opposed to the usual red packaging accents. It’s a neat look, but not neat enough to save it from the recycling bin.

The figure itself is mostly a re-use of the regular Stormtrooper figure from the black series with a new head sculpt and a soft goods cape.

The head sculpt is basically a standard stormtrooper with an additional metal visor on the forhead of the helmet. It’s pretty easy to miss the difference in the film, but I dig it and I’m glad to have this slight variant even though it swerves deep into Malibu Stacy “New Hat!” territory.

The cape is a fairly flimsy two-piece cloth affair that is tied tightly around the shoulders. I do like that they added some creases and fold lines to the cape, but the hood part of it doesn’t quite work for me. It’s just one extra piece and it doesn’t lay quite right. I saw this in Robo’s review, so I decided to buy a cape from my usual eBay seller Rickhor409.

Pictured above, the cape from Rickhor409 is nice and I like that there’s a real hood, but the shape doesn’t quite match the source material either. I think this is a case where the Figuarts nailed this aspect with a plastic cape.

The above two pictures show (L-R) the rickhor409 cape on the Hasbro figure, the Hasbro figure by itself and the Figuarts trooper.

The other main thing about this figure is the paint. The weathering is interesting because when I get up close to it, I can almost see pixelation, so I wonder how much is applied the way they do face printing. The feet are actually a darker brown/gray plastic and there is a darker brown on the lower half of the body. The upper body has a lighter gray weathering, but I noticed the underlying plastic is a little more gray than the usual Stormtrooper figure. I think I would like it better if the figure was all done like the upper body.

The accessory is a blaster rifle and it appears to be one of the ones from Rogue One, which is a decent looking blaster, but mine has some excessive mold flashing. Also, the blaster has that little flashlight piece on the barrel, so it doesn’t fit well in the holster.

There is also no detail paint on the blaster and the holster is oddly white. I suppose this could be movie accurate, because they do add the weathering, but I can’t find any reference for that.

Overall the Mimban trooper is a good figure, but not great. I think the cape needs a little work and I would have liked the more gray mud look to be uniform across the body. Figuarts does the cape and the paint better than Hasbro, but I think Hasbro’s overall sculpt is superior to the Figuarts, plus it’s a much more affordable army builder. I did actually end up liking the Hasbro cape a bit more than the third party one I ordered, which is a little unusual too.

Even with my criticisms, I would say that this ends up being my favorite version of the Mimban Stormtrooper. Be sure to check out Robo’s video review if you haven’t already: