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Top 5: Clone Wars Characters for Star Wars Black Series

The Clone Wars is experiencing a bit of a resurgence lately with the announcement of additional episodes coming to the Disney streaming service next year, a new upcoming Padmé Amidala novel, comic books, and the addition of Obi-Wan, Anakin, Dooku and General Grievous to Battlefront II. Hasbro even indicated that they were looking into adding Clone Wars characters to their release schedule. Naturally that has me thinking about what Black Series figures I’d like from the series, so today I’ve compiled my Top 5 most wanted clone wars characters (female edition)!

With over six seasons of beautiful character designs, the Clone Wars series is a plethora of toyetic action figure candidates. So many good characters that I decided to split my top five by gender. I always like to start with a couple runners up and the first one would be Clone Wars gear Ahsoka and Padmé.

Arguably the main character of the Clone Wars Series, Ahsoka had a couple of different looks throughout the show and they would all make great figures. I think my favorite iteration of Ahsoka is the Rebels version we have from the Black Series, but her Clone Wars gear is probably more iconic.

I’d prefer the later season look with the two sabers, though I wouldn’t say no to the younger Ahsoka, especially if she came with a clone backpack and a miniature Stinky the Hutt.

Padmé had a bunch of nifty senatorial outfits, but I would love a figure of her in her Clone Wars action-adventure gear. They actually recently released art of Padmé that featured a more realistic take on the uniform that would be a perfect guide for the Black Series figure.

The other runners up would be the prequel background Jedi. Aayla Secura, Bariss Offee, Luminara Unduli, Shaak Ti, Jocasta Nu, and Adi Galia all get more interesting things to do in the show than they had in the films and would all make very striking figures.

Okay, well, Jocasta doesn’t do anything that interesting in the show, I just like the idea of a mean old librarian Jedi. She also had a cool arc in the recent Darth Vader book. With the runners up out of the way, let’s start the Top 5 with a magnificent Bounty Hunter, Sugi!

#5. Sugi

The Clone Wars was lousy with Bounty Hunters, which is one of my favorite aspects of the Star Wars Universe and one of the more appealing parts of the show for me. She first appeared in an excellent episode that paid homage to the Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven. Star Wars + Kurosawa + Bounty Hunters = Matt Heaven, so yeah I want a figure of this Zabrak hunter.

She traveled with a cool crew including the enigmatic Embo, used a blaster we knew from Boba Fett’s appearance in ROTJ, and flew a pretty kick-ass looking ship. Sugi is probably the least likely to make production on my list which makes me want her even more.

Next up is some Mandalorian representation with the villainous Bo-Katan!

#4. Bo-Katan

Did I say villainous? Well, she starts off pretty awful as we first meet her as part of Death Watch, a fanatical Mandalorian sect that doesn’t seem to have a problem with murder and slavery. Bo-Katan parts ways with Death Watch when Maul kills her leader Pre Vizsla in a duel.

She is the sister of the former leader of Mandalore and does eventually try to help her out. By the time of the Rebels Series she seems far less bloodthirsty and much more honorable, so I think she goes through a lot of changes between series. I’d love to learn more about that character growth some day.

At any rate, she’s a female Mandalorian in some very cool Death Watch colors and is equipped with her own Jet Pack. There really isn’t a much more toyetic Star Wars character in my mind than a Mandalorian. Heck, I think Fett’s popularity is based a lot on how great of toy he was. Next up, I’m going back to the bounty hunter well with:

#3. Aurra Sing

Aurra first showed up very briefly in The Phantom Menace and I was immediately intrigued. The design really does it for me and she had a few very fun episodes that showed her working with Bossk and mentoring Boba Fett.

Aurra’s relationship with young Boba Fett is also interesting to me and I’d love to know more about it. She’s like his evil auntie or something. Loaded with weapons and a striking color scheme, Aurra would make a great looking addition to the shelf.

Next up is bit of a weird one. I first became intrigued with this character back in the Episode I days when the Art of Episode I showed us this concept of a Sith Witch by Ian McCaig:

That drawing really sparked my imagination, so I was pleased to see it used later as:

#2. Mother Talzin

Mother Talzin is the head of the Witches of Dathomir (also known as the Nightsisters), a strange group of spooky ladies that use The Force in an interesting, almost magical way. Their creation expanded the way I think about accessing The Force and they all look so darn cool.

Talzin worked with Asajj Ventress, was instrumental in bringing Darth Maul back, and turned out to be his mother! Palpatine considered her a threat to his designs for the galaxy, so you know she’s got juice.

Talzin, with her dramatic, flowing robes would probably end up like one of those traffic cone figures, but I think she would be amazing on the shelf and would be really fun to add the witch to my collection after so many years of appreciating that design.

Speaking of Nightsisters, my number one most wanted female character from The Clone Wars has to the primary antagonist and sometimes protagonist, Asajj Ventress!

#1. Asajj Ventress

Asajj was County Dooku’s apprentice and his right hand assassin during the Clone Wars. Based on an Episode II concept from Dermot Power, Asajj first appeared in the Genndy Tartakovsky 2-D animated Clone Wars shorts.

Asajj came right out of the gate swinging, killing many a clone in interesting and sadistic ways in the Clone Wars movie. She has a striking look with the bald head and dual bent-handled sabers and had man epic battles with Jedi over the course of the series. Battles that would be fun to re-enact with a Black Series figure!

She also went through a bit of journey during the Clone Wars, becoming less evil after betrayal at the hands of her Master and the death of her people. She was a fixture of that show and any Clone Wars line up would feel wrong without her.

Well, that’s my list of top five most wanted female Clone Wars characters. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments below or on the forums!



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