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1000TOYS: Synthetic Human 1/12 Scale Test Body Review

1000Toys has several convention exclusives and I was able to pick up a couple at SDCC. Today we are going to look at the TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human 1/12 Test Body. It’s a variant of the previous Synthetic Human and a super-poseable joy to play with. Let’s take a look!

The figure comes packaged in a very slick matte black box with a slip cover that features some beautiful photography of the Test Body.

The figure comes with three sets of hands and a swappable face mask. The hands include nuetral, fists and weapon grip hands.

The body is the same as the previous Synthetic Humans (see Pabs and my reviews) with a brand new paint job. It’s amazing what a difference the paint can make and I think the choices here bring out the details.This one has a neat matte ivory color with gray highlights, a dark brown wash, lots of tiny neat decals, and a striking orange left shoulder. It all kind of calls to mind a Sandtrooper from Star Wars, but maybe that’s me. I do have Star Wars Rabies.

I also really like the stripe detail here and there have a slight scuffed look to them too. The paint overall is just fantastic. I also love the weird blood-shot eyes. The semi-clear face also adds to the creepy factor quite a bit and the slight brown wash somehow amps that up. My son is actually a little afraid of this thing.

The articulation is phenominal. The Synthetic Humans have:

  • Double barbell ball jointed head, neck, upper torso, mid-torso, and lower torso.
  • Ball and socket shoulders
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, hips, ankles, and wrists
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Hinged toes
  • Moveable eyes

The ball joints in the torso and neck make for a very natural movement. The joints all move very smoothly and hold well. The swivel/hinges at the wrists and ankles are fantastic because they swivel at both ends and allow for more posing options. This figure is a pose fest.

The alternate skull face has even more blood-shot eyes and is even more creepy and I love it. The one POA I don’t really mess with is the eyes. You can adjust them, but it’s super scary. I popped the eye out of one of my other Synthetic humans and it almost gave me a heart attack!

The alternate hands pop on and off pretty easily, but are also fairly secure.

Overall, the figure is fantastic and so much fun to play with and photograph. Posing is a joy because it’s well balanced and lightweight. The only down side is that he’s currently a con exclusive. I have not heard if it will be made available online at a later date. Highly recommended if you can track one down.