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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Commander Wolffe Review

Commander Wolffe is one of the clones from The Clone Wars cartoon that had a few appearances and got a unique armor and personality, so he seemed like a natural choice for a Clone Trooper variant. Hasbro kicked off the photo-real face printing method in the Black Series with Rex, and they use it to great effect with the Gamestop/ Barnes and Noble Commander Wolffe. Let’s take a look!

Wolffe comes with a removeable helmet and two DC-17 blasters. The blasters are re-used from Rex and are sharp and cast in a slightly metallic gray plastic.

The removeable helmet is a real thing of beauty with sharp sculpting and paint detail.

I love that the range finder is moveable and that the helmet fits snugly, but not so tightly as to scratch up the figure’s nose.

The face sculpt is remarkably cool. It really captures Wolffe’s gruff, no-nonsense personality perfectly and is a great likeness for Tem Morrison while still feeling different from Rex. It’s a tough line to walk and I think they pull it off perfectly. The face printing technique works well with the sculpt. You can kind of see the dot-matrix look of his stubble when it’s blown up really large, but it looks perfect in person.

The body looks to re-use parts from Rex and the regular clones, unfortunately the did not re-use Rex’s biceps, so Wolffe has the limited range of motion from the original Clone figure’s elbows. He also doesn’t have a left trigger figure, so I think I’ll do a little surgery on him to make his blaster holding look a little more natural.

The paint has a lot of great things and a couple of things I don’t love. I particularly like the details on the armor designs and the helmet and the effective face printing. He has a little bit of weathering, but it doesn’t really feel like how weathered armor was rendered in the movies of show. I think a black wash and black scratches would be nice.

The articulation is black series standard with double elbows and knees, but those elbows don’t really get more than a 90 degree bend.

I love the Clone Wars, I am hungry for Clone Trooper variants, and Wolffe has been at the top of my list since Rex hit, so I was primed to love this figure. The elbows are a little frustrating, but otherwise this is an extremely successful figure. Bring on Echo and Fives!