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SDCC 2018: More Hasbro Star Wars Photos

Hasbro had a few prototypes of Black Series, Black Series Archive, Vintage Collection, and Standard figures in the booth following their presentation today. Let’s take a look!

From the vintage collection, I saw the Death Star Gunner, a new Stormtrooper, and Darth Revan. I think the trooper looks pretty great and has a gloss finish that a lot of Stormtrooper figures don’t quite nail.

The standard figures are getting Rio, Beckett, Val, L3, Mudtrooper Han, and Quay Tolsite. I especially like that Quay comes with a bit of orange paint on his robes to simulate the dust of Kessel on his clothing. I definitely need Rio for my collection.

The first four figures from the Star Wars Black Series Archives line were on hand (Bossk, IG-88, Boba Fett, and Pilot Luke. They looked, for the most part to be similar to their original releases. They said Luke would have the face printing, but I didn’t really notice it on hand at the show, but that might be due to the harsh lighting. If they fix the plastic flexibility on Fett’s hip pouches, I’d buy another.

Moloch is one of the new exclusive figures for this year and he’ll be at Target. He’s really quite large, which makes sense when you consider the size of the standard figure, though I didn’t get the impression he was that big from the movie. He’s got some impressive detail sculpting and it’s nice to get more creatures in the line.

Speaking of creatures, my favorite alien from Solo: A Star Wars Story was announced and he looks spectacular. They captured the character so well, I can almost hear him asking, “Does she have sharp teeth?” when I look at the figure. The articulation in all the arms makes it look like this is going to be a fun figure. I also like that they went the extra mile and made his goggles a translucent red. I’m so glad they are finishing off the Beckett gang so quickly.

I was so happy to see that Hasbro is going to continue with the Rebels figures because I was worried they might drop them since the show ended, but they specifically mentioned the idea that Star Wars doesn’t really go away and they will continue to draw from different eras. Ezra looks just about perfect. I’m slightly concerned about his height since he looks as tall, if not taller than Luke. He needs to be shorter than Sabine and Kanan. I do love that they included the staple gun saber and one of his helmets.

Finally we have another Rebels favorite, Chopper! These two might be the reveals of the show for me. It looks like they packed Chop with the requisite articulation in his tiny manipulator arms and the rocket flying base is a fun addition. Hasbro really excels at translating the animated characters into this style, so I cannot wait to see Zeb and hopefully some great characters from The Clone Wars.





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