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GTP Toys: Spacewalls 9 piece Starter Set Now Includes Pickles!

GTP Toys have been working very hard in getting the 1:12 scale 9pc starter sets completed and boxed up to ship out to you. Unfortunately they have been having a few problems with the clip tooling and their new box vendor. The delay is going to cost them at least 3 weeks, but as an incentive they are adding Pickles the barrel!

The barrel {Pickles} which can be seen on the M. Falcon, will come clean, so you will need to weather it yourself as you see fit.

This color will not be included in the upcoming accessory packs and will be a limited quantity.


Building a technological terror??

Then you’ll need the best in materials this side of the galaxy has to offer.

1:12 Scale SPACEWALLS 9PC starter set for 6″ figures

The 1:12 Scale SPACEWALLS starter set for 6” figures is the perfect start to create the best looking Display shelf, diorama, or photography sets. Each panel is injection molded with High Quality Japanese ABS plastic to give the best in detail and material. Our SPACEWALLS will last a lifetime and bring your collection to life, like no other product could. Give yourself the accessory you’ve always wanted and your collection what it deserves.

Key features:

Modular design / versatile – Each Panel is detachable from the others allowing for unique setups that can be customized to your space and needs. This makes it easy to build an elaborate set or something simple you can set up on desk at work.

Quick clip and display system – New angled clips allow for the ease of greater versatility in displaying your SPACEWALLS. Now you can clip each SPACEWALLS panel or expansion to each other with strong connections, precise locations, and multiple consistent angles.

  • 16 of each (48 TOTAL CLIPS)

Wall designs – With the addition of a new wall panel design you can create more diversity with the Starter set. All 5 panel designs are unique with differentiating features like deep intake vents and upper and lower maintenance hatch variants.

This set includes:

  • 2 LED (Light emitting Display) panels – Includes a white removable light diffuser so you can change display color, use as a grate or add light behind completing the effect. * electronics not included
  • 2 ORS (Oxygen Return System) panels
  • 2 OIS (Oxygen Intake System) Panels
  • 2 MCS (Maintenance Control System) panels
  • 1 ACS (Atmospheric Control System) panel

Quality material – Computer drafted and Injection molded with High Quality Japanese ABS plastics, as used in other high quality toys, makes SPACEWALLS Durable and a worthy part of your collection. Small details in vents, intruding, and extruding features sets SPACEWALLS apart from handcrafted or casted mimics. In order to add another level of detail, the panels receive a painted finish, which allows the right amount of sheen to the walls, to give them a realistic feel and look.

Accurately scaled – Designed and crafted in true 1:12 scale the SPACEWALLS starter set will add a completeness and continuity to your figures and display. Your 6” figures will look right at home next to the SPACEWALLS, taking your collection to the next level.

Panel dimensions: H 9.3in x L 3.5in (88.9mm x 237mm x 15mm )

TOTAL Length : 32 inches ( almost 3 feet across )