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CJESIM: Forest Vigilante kit (Mezco Punisher add-on)

While I enjoy Netflix’s Punisher series greatly, and the setting and adjustments made to keep Frank Castle in a modern tense, there is always some nagging displeasure about removing him from one specific part of his mythos…

When I think Punisher, I almost always think Vietnam. So much of what makes Frank Castle the Punisher happened long before that bad day at the park. Unlike Batman, who’s life pivoted instantly after tragedy, Punisher had been on a nearly unavoidable trajectory to his vigilante path starting years before tragedy solidified it. Captain Castle’s 3 tours and last stand at Valley Forge firebase had already turned him into the Punisher. The loss of his family just gave him a new enemy to punish. So while the classic black and whites of the skull-emblazoned uniform always spring to mind first, there’s always a second image for me, and that one is done up in olive drab.

CJESIM has given that image tactile life in their “Forest Vigilante” suit. Comprised of an olive drab battledress shirt and trousers, this set can turn any Punisher (or Captain America) figure into a GI quickly and easily. Once the figure’s original outfit is removed, you just simply fit these on, use a little stitch or fabric glue to close the shirt (or leave it open if you like) and fit the boots back on slightly over the trousers to keep them tucked in.

The best part is the skull-painted balaclava. Obviously very sharp on any Punisher, it can also be handy if you just want a good looking Ghost spec ops soldier with a flair for intimidation.

If you’ve picked up any of CJESIM’s clothing before, you know this stuff is top quality. I’ve heard people complain about price and wait time before, and I’m always left shaking my head a little- it’s never made cheap, and it’s never made easy. That’s kinda the point. And the fact that they’re always perfecting that craft makes it just that much more worth the expenditure.

Although I doubted it was possible, this fatigues set is actually even cleaner and tighter than the one I have for Duke- and that is really no mean feat. But whereas Duke is a very specific kit for a very specific job, this Forest Vigilante one has a bit of an advantage. Because olive fatigues can literally be used for dozen of characters and roles, and even the ubiquitous skull mask can easily work for more than a few. The uniform is similar in color and style to the OG107 uniform the US Armed forces used from Korea up until Desert Shield. That’s a lot of mileage for anyone looking to build some soldiers.

So, if that sounds like something you can use, head on over to CJESIM.com to check out some other color options, as well as tons of other great stuff, like the Grevious cape Matt K reviewed, or the Duke and Ninja sets I’ve discussed previously.