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eBay Frenzy 06/03/18: Custom Marvel Legends! And One Diorama!

Guys, I’m not going to sugarcoat it this week. It’s all custom Marvel Legends. I just kept finding so much great stuff that I never made it to any other searches. A few of these are even characters that I only know by name but never read a story featuring them, but they look sooooo good. I’m not ashamed.

Fairly simple recipe for this Rhino but hot dang I love me some good drybrushing.

My wife is a She-Hulk fan and she commented on the colors here. They really pop.

Lots of love for those old-school characters like Swordsman. I feel like we need a Legends offshoot line specifically for stuff like this, more a direct market type thing. But I know jack about sales figures and marketing and focus groups. I just want more toys, new and old.

Speaking on new, I don’t even know if Gwenom (you read that a lot on here, don’t ya? C’mon Robo, pick up a @$&%#@ comic book) is a thing but I dig the design.

I like the subdued colors on this Cable, and while a lot of people hate the Marvel Select head some of us say that it’s probably the only good thing about that figure. I think it’s looks nice transplanted on to other bodies.

C’mon. C’mon. You knew I wouldn’t be able to pass by a mostly naked Deadpool. Savage Land indeed…

Maybe I’m still riding high on the NECA TMNT Diorama announcement, but now I feel the need for more backgrounds and street corners and scenes. Like this building facade with real working lights.

You’ve been hanging on to that suit body for years, waiting for the perfect moment. Here’s a Professor X Hover Chair with a Charles Xavier head cast, all painted up and ready to go.

I can hear what you’re thinking. Can we get a break from Deadpool and X-Force and Domino?


I really like this body swap for Domino and the use of baby blue. Is it comic accurate? Hell if I know, but I know I like it.

I’ve read a lot of stories with Gambit. I’m not Gambit’s biggest fan. He’s cool and all that but he’s way down on my “Favorite X-Men” list. But I’d still buy a new Gambit figure, especially one as nice as this.

I think I just featured a Shadowcat in a recent eBay Frenzy, perhaps even the last one, but I remain unapologetic for wanting Kitty in probably my favorite costume of hers. Plus, Excalibur.


Because it’s awesome. Now where’s my sheriff Woody Deadpool? While we’re at it, can we get just a plain jane 6-inch movie Deadpool from someone? Please?

Black Crow. No clue who he is because my brain works with pretty pictures way better than random letters jumbled together to form words. And I remember this dude from the old Handbooks I’d read every morning over my cereal. Last week. Kidding, I’m talking from when I was a wee Robo. Has it really been more than 30 years? But a good figure is a good figure, and this looks like a good figure.

When it comes to Polaris I’m more of a green costume kind of guy, but just look at this damn thing. Look at it. Either that’s a face with some Photo Real tech or that’s a hell of a custom paint job. But even without the amazing face I love the look of this custom, even if it’s in a costume to which I have no attachment. That’s me typing all proper and such. Feels weird.

I hear people talking about Maggot all the time. Or, technically, I see people’s letter tracks on the internet landscape after they type their thoughts out on a keyboard and send them whizzing into the ether. I’ve never read anything with the character. I don’t know his powers or history or innermost thoughts and dreams. But this custom kicks ass.

Everything I just said about Maggot also applies to Lionheart here. The difference being that I’m an absolute sucker for anything Captain Britain related so she’s a few notches up the ladder. Plus my constantly worn not-because-I’m-bald-it’s-just-a-little-thin-as-in-gone-completely hat is off to anyone that tackles a Union Jack-esque paint scheme.

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