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CooModel: Palm Empire Samurai up for pre-order at BBTS

There’s a rumor going round that this place has a thing for ninja and samurai…

…well, then I hope this place likes being broke, too.

Coo Model has shown already their upcoming Teutonic knights and Viking warlord for their Palm Empire 1/12 line, but have you seen these friggin samurai?!?!?

Much like their 1/6 versions, these have segmented removeable armor, soft goods kosode and hakama underclothing, and depending on the price point, several weapons and backdrop accessories.

The standard grade figures give you a “standard bearer” infantry type, with flag, yari and katana under the “Ashigaru” class- basically infantry.  The standard “Yukimura” and “Masamune” samurai run about 20 bucks more and include the more ornate kabuto with facemask, additional armor and under-pieces (like the armor ties and skirt pieces) and some additional weaponry, like wakizashi and larger ornate yari. Sorry y’all,  my terminology is a little rusty, but it’s in the pics. Basically, you have 4 individual warriors, two red, two black; one Ahigaru and Samurai in each color.

But then go add about 25 bucks more, and you get armor stands, katana stands, and backdrop elements for the two samurai. And they look good enough for a chump like me to pull off almost Matt K level photos!

And all 6 versions are available, with those Vikings and Knights, for pre-order at Fwoosh sponsor with a tail end 2018 release. I don’t know which I’m getting, I don’t know how many, I just know I’m in trouble.

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