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Tamashii Comic Con: MORE S.H. Figuarts Marvel and Star Wars Prototypes

I love action figures, especially 1/12 scale superhero and sci-fi action figures. I mean, to a degree that some people look at me and go “Dude, we get it.” But the S.H. Figuarts MCU and Star Wars reveals out of Tamashii Comic Con over the past 24 hours have been coming so fast and furious and overwhelming that I’m just sitting here almost wanting to tap-out. I said “almost.”

Yeah, it’s cool to see what most of the characters look like in plastic form, some I never thought we’d see, at least from Bandai. But as overwhelmed as I am at the moment I can’t help but feel an ease knowing that most of these won’t be solicited for at least a year, if that. That sucks, but my wallet and my shelves whimper a sigh of relief.

All of these pics come from Amiami or Dengeki Hobby.

For this installment of “OH MAH GAW EVEN MORE STAR WARS” there’s a better picture of Wicket, log and cracker and all. NEED. EPIII Obi-Wan looks nifty, you have to provide your own high ground though. I’m adding another picture of the Emperor because plastic hoods are weird when no sculpted right. Also the placards says “Darth Sidious” and a separate one for “Darth Sidious Throne.” TC-14 joins the long line of SHF protocol droids shown but not yet solicited. And then finally something else from Solo in the form of the Imperial Patrol Trooper.

The MCU gets another huge kick with Bandai reaching further back to show some figures that aren’t Infinity War. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 Star-Lord, Rocket, and Groot look fantastic but it makes me think “Why not Drax and Gamora, THEN go back a movie.” Finally a Nick Fury worthy of the shelf. Cap is dapper in his USO costume. And then we’re already getting Ant-Man so Wasp is a welcome sight!

Remember, go visit Amiami or Dengeki Hobby. They have way more pics than these.