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Medicom: Mafex Justice League Superman Review

Now this is more like it Mafex! If it’s being judged on the level of improvement from the first figure to the second, this seriously may be the best apology figure of all time. The Superman figure from Batman v Superman was bad. Real bad. And not bad meaning good. Loose joints, a wonky-looking disproportionate sculpt, and a cape that was wired at the bottom instead of the sides resulting in a cape that was impossible to pose, or even lay flat. Plus his skin tone ended up looking like a ginger who spent too much time in the sun. But with this guy, all those sins are forgotten if not forgiven.

This updated version is the complete opposite of that first figure. It has no loose joints, sports a more well proportioned sculpt, and a cape that is wired correctly. Which allows it to be posed dynamically or rest easily at his sides. Basically everything about this figure is a drastic improvement.

Before we get to the figure we have to start with the packaging which is the standard Mafex fare. Clear, open window on the front with pretty pictures of the figure and the Justice League logo. Just like the Justice League Batman’s box, the logos of the other members of the league are also on the package. Definitely makes you feel like this is one of a set,


Once you get him opened you can see that he comes with two alternate heads, multiple hands and a stand. As for the figure itself, it’s pretty obvious right out of the box that this is a huge improvement sculpt wise from the original version. The arms, chest, hips, and legs all are much better proportioned than the original. The first figure almost had a feminine shape to his hip structure. This guy has corrected that.

After getting burned by the first release I was definitely concerned that this figure would also let me down. I did, however, feel a bit more encouraged by the promotional pics, added to the recent trend of Mafex pumping out nothing but home runs.

Bottom line, I definitely am not disappointed. In fact this guy immediately moves to the very top of my favorite Superman figures. He’s just that good. His colors are crisp and bright. I dig the deeper blue, and the red on his boots really pop. His skin tone is nice, and when I think back to the orange-ish tone¬† of the first figure, it’s definitely an improvement. The Cavill likeness is pretty close, and you can see that their face printing technology is getting better and better.

Superman comes with three different heads. One relaxed but stoic, one angry, and one pissed off head that looks like he’s gonna light you up with heat vision at any moment. I would have really loved to see at least one happier, maybe even smiling head though. Supes definitely acted more like Superman should in Justice League and I would have dug a head to match that. A little more hopefulness and a little less angst.

As for his alternate hands, he comes with fists, wide opened hands for dramatic flying poses and grabby hands that the kryptonite spear from the Mafex Armored Bats fits in just fine.

Superman has enough functional movement to allow most any iconic Superman pose. Flying, punching, lifting, and running poses are all easily achieved with his articulation set up. No loose joints like on the first figure here. All of his joints are tight and move freely without any hiccups or qc issues.

The full articulation breakdown of Superman is:

  • Ball jointed head
  • Ball jointed neck
  • Ball and hinge shoulders
  • Bicep swivel
  • Double elbows
  • Ball and hinged wrists
  • Ball and hinged ab swivel and waist
  • Drop down hips with rotating thigh joint
  • Double knees
  • Ball hinged ankles
  • Hinged toes

When some initial pictures leaked, he seemed to be a bit shorter than the original Mafex release. That did cause some concern for me in that he wouldn’t fit in with the recently released Mafex Justice League Batman. But as you can see, they fit together perfectly. Hopefully the future Justice League Mafex releases will as well.

This is definitely one of the my favorite figures I’ve purchased within the last few years. I don’t know if it’s because I finally have a Superman figure I love, or the fact that I feel like the shitstain that was the first figure is finally washed away. Whatever the reason is, I’m enjoying the hell out of this figure, and it makes me want the rest of the Mafex versions of Justice League to get released as soon as possible. If you’re a fan of the DCEU or DC in general you need this figure as well as the Batman figure released last month from Mafex. They’re a bit more pricey than the standard mass retail release, but they are most definitely worth the added price.

Keep it up Mafex. This is some seriously awesome stuff.

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