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Mattel: Jurassic World Indoraptor

I’m not the biggest Jurassic Park fan, but I’m usually on the lookout for fun creature toys and I’ve always wanted some nicely articulated dinosaurs, so the new Indoraptor from the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom  called to me from the shelf. From what I can tell, the Indoraptor is the new genetically modified dino-monster for this film in the tradition of the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World which explains why he doesn’t quite look like any dinosaurs I know, but has that Stan Winston velociraptor vibe. Let’s take a look at the Indoraptor!

The Indoraptor retails for $20.00 and comes with zero accessories. It’s a pretty good sized chunk of plastic, so the cost feels about on par with mass market super-articulated toys like Legends and DC Multiverse.

The Indoraptor comes in an open-faced display box that features some slick Jurassic World graphics and a rain soaked backdrop for the figure. The tail comes detached and is sealed in a bubble inside the box.

The sculpt is great. I really like all the pebbly and scaley texture and the sculpting is for the most part very sharp. The only real downside I can see is that the teeth are a little dull, but I’ve come to expect that from years of collecting Mattel toys.

The paint is pretty minimal, but fairly effective. The figure appears to be mostly black plastic with some highlighted gold scales and some red around the eyes.

Again, my only complaint would be about the teeth. They don’t seem to be painted all the way, mostly just the tips and it’s a little blobby which accentuates the dull part of the sculpt.

The articulation is good and while a little bit loose, I was able to pose him in plenty of dino-appropriate poses. The Indoraptor has a hinged jaw and ball and socket joints in the head, neck and two points of the tail. On the back leg, the hips swivel and have some outward hinges while there are two swivel/hinge joints for the knee and dog leg.

The front arms have swivel/hinges at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. I really like how much neck movement this guy has.

I think this figure is meant to be scaled to the 3.75 inch figures in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom line, but I’m not 100% sure. From the trailers I’ve seen, it might be a bit too big for that scale, but I can’t say that definitively.

A big part of the reason I bought the figure is that it looks to scale nicely with Legends, MOTU, Mythic Legions as another monster for them to fight or ride.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this figure. I think I’ll check out the movie, but even if I hate it, I think I’ll get lots of use out of this guy in future photos and he’s a lot of fun to play with.



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