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eBay Frenzy 04/22/18: Custom Marvel Legends…and more Marvel Legends…and a Few Other Things

Today’s theme is classic characters and great customs that make me want more figures from certain teams. And interesting paint apps. And characters I didn’t know I wanted in plastic. Okay, “theme” is a strong term when it comes to my eBay viewing habits. I just scroll until something catches my eye. 

I’m a sucker for a good Red Hood design. The figures doesn’t even have to follow an established look from the comics. You get the basics down, make it look badass, and I’ll probably like it.

The current discussion of whether or not the Apocalypse wave Psylocke should be thicker made me stop at this Betsy to see for myself. I think I’m okay with both thick and thin for this costume. It’s just missing a lot of lavender armor.

I don’t think this is accurate to Infinity War, but I wouldn’t know because I’m avoiding spoilers (cue everyone trying to tell me exactly where this appears in the movie, including the scenes surrounding it, in intricate detail), but I dig the look of this symbiote inspired Iron Spider costume.

We’ll never ever get this figure in Marvel Legends proper but Hate-Monger looks pretty good in plastic form.

Here’s an easy way to get rid of some of those Kitty Pryde pegwarmers, if she is warming those pegs in your area. I made that sound kind of dirty, didn’t I? Anyway, Mercury!

A beautiful looking classic Brother Voodoo.

Along with a first appearance Wonder Man. I lean more towards a modern look for Simon but I can’t deny….I’d buy this. And a safari jacket version.

I don’t feel the head is quite Carol on this Ms. Marvel, more Moonstone if there was a Dark Avengers Warbird, but I’m super interested in the paint job here. I really like how it conveys a comic style.

Classic Star-Lord!

The Sasquatch BaF has me wanting more Alpha Flight, like a new Guardian.

I’ll admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for Inferno. Hell, I was just talking about it with DisThunder and Prodigy the other night over a PS4 session. So this Darkchylde stirs up the need for a good S’ym and N’astirh, both of which are fun to try to say aloud. Do it. You know you wanna. I say them like Sah-im and Nah-astir, with hard pauses after the first letters.

I don’t know much about Solar but I remember the ads in a bunch of comics back in the day. And this is brilliant fodder usage.

On the other hand, I actually did read a few Prophet comics back when my roommate at the time was a huge fan of Liefeld. Hey, he left them lying around, and we didn’t have the internet back then.

Not a Magneto design I need on the shelf but a stellar execution.

New Mutants. Yes. Mirage. Yes, please.

Oh, ThunderCats. Why can’t a company just make you. I mean, completely make you. I have what Mattel produced but I love looking at some ML-style Lion-O too.

I will stop at any Razorback and drool. He’s one of the few superheroes from my home state and to not have him in plastic form yet is criminal. CRIMINAL. He can DRIVE ANYTHING and SPEAKS TRUCKER! That’s better than flight, or optic beams, or reality manipulation. Powers like his keep the world spinning.

Not my favorite Rogue costume but one I’d buy in a heartbeat.

With New Warriors becoming a show hopefully we’ll start seeing more characters in toy form. Night Thrasher. Speedball. Namorita.

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