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DAM Toys: Shanghai Toy Show News/Thoughts

Last week’s show in Shanghai gave us a few closer looks at the 3 announced DAM Toys Pocket line, another as-yet unannounced figure, and a whole lotta potential.

Clearly, the Shanghai Toy Show had become a pretty damn large show, especially with more and more companies with an eye toward collectibles springing up in their back yard. DAM Toys was among many great import companies, some of which Robo covered in his weekly if you’re curious.

The only trouble is getting good Intel in my native language, but thanks to Instagram, my friend Patrickchou1986 (follow him!) shared some great shots from the show with that all important scale info.

Of course, we’ve seen the SAS Breacher and Assaulter already, as well as the SS Panzer Division Officer, and man, they all look ready to ship. We’ve talked about these three already, but they look just as good as the promo shots we saw last month.

Then there’s this dashing fellow here. He’s obviously the same scale as the other figures. He’s very modern looking, with some simple BDU pants, and a long sleeve shirt with some branding on it. VLTOR, maybe? It would gel with that lineup of rifles at his feet.

And those rifles- those are some very well accessorized AR platforms. Different forends, optics, muzzles, maybe a can or two? Definitely one on his sidearm he’s holding so expertly. And a couple plate carriers! We don’t know which of these are specifically his accessories, but if some of these were to go with say an accessory pack,that would be swell.

Who is this dashing fellow? A trainer, or a PMC maybe? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

And just before the show, DAM posted an image on Twitter about an intersting looking Chinese action movie called Operation Red Sea. While I enjoy foreign action cinema greatly, I enjoy them even more when there’s 1/12 figures involved.

Modern Chinese special forces? Shit yeah.

And of course, there were some goregeous exclusive 1/6 figures, like the Afghanistan Green Beret and the IDF specialist. But I don’t even want to think about those. But check them out, and imagine, if this is the start, what’s the finish gonna be like?

And again, thanks to Patrick (@Patrickchou1986) for letting me share this with all of you. Follow him!

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