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Mezco One:12 Collective Ghostbusters Update: Yes, We Are Getting The Proton Streams!

Mezco has updated their promotional images for the One:12 Collective Ghostbusters set to include the “missing” proton streams! Also, a sneak peek of the light-up feature in the proton pack!

If you remember the original solictiation, each individual character pic was loaded with accessories but was missing the streams that we saw in the Toy Fair catalog. Things change all the time and I figured that they didn’t cost out after adding the light-up gimmick. Nuh-uh, Mezco swoops in with the save.

Also, here’s a look at the packs lit up. It’s a cool little added effect.

Do the streams light up though? It kind of looks like it here but it also could be just a photoshop effect. Either way, streams are in. Put away the pitchforks.

You can pre-order the Ghostbusters set on both Dorkside Toys and BBTS.