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Hasbro: Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Silver Surfer Find and Package Reveal

“Package” as in the box with a window showing the figure, pretty promotional shots, bio, etc. Not…..nevermind. Even though Silver Surfer may seem like a naked chrome dude on a surfboard.

Picture credit goes to Louis G. Urbina M. who apparently spotted this in Mexico. Notice the cases to the sides. Also, the board is in there, to Surfer’s right. Just throwing that in because I’ve seen comments of “Where’s the board?”

But I thought Thing was next? We saw the figure reveal of both at Toy Fair and I assumed Thing was next because he was actually announced last SDCC, but Surfer showing up does follow the Walgreens release trend. FF member, associated character, FF, secondary, so on and so forth.

I ain’t griping either way. Gimme gimme.

For reference, here’s the promotional shot again.

UPDATE: Magios Initiative sends along this image where he was able to actually buy Surfer. Again in Mexico.