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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Taskmaster

Taskmaster is one of my all-time favorite Avengers villains. So, yeah, I am pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty excited to get a new classic take on the bad guy who can match our heroes skill for skill.

Like a lot of comic characters, Taskmaster was one of those guys who I was initially drawn to thanks to his look. While being adorned in a gaudy combination of blue, orange, and white, his skull mask and anonymity always provided an imposing presence needed to battle the likes of the Avengers. So, as he is properly presented in this wave, Tasky has been, and always will be, primarily a foe to Captain America, et. al, but he has enjoyed time hanging out with, and fighting against, other heavyweights of the Marvel Universe. The good thing about Legends is that we already got a shiny new modern Taskmaster in the Onslaught/Red Skull (I think) wave, so getting a re-up on this classic style was definitely needed.

Listen, I love getting new and never done before characters in Marvel Legends, but I am just as much of a fan of getting essential redos as improvement on past figures. Like the recently redone Bullseye, Taskmaster actually enjoyed the status of being one of my favorite ToyBiz Legends, but as time, style, and standards have changed, it has been apparent for a while that we needed a new attempt at the classic Tasky. The good news is that Taskmaster continues his run of overall success in Legends, and this new figure is definitely a winner for me. I suppose some designs are just “toy-etic” at their base, but right out of the package, this figure is most certainly the most fun to pose and play of this group, and is what the kids would call “hand candy.”

Somehow, Taskmaster’s character design has always found a way of balancing busy with simplicity for his overall presentation. There is a lot going on with him in terms of hoods, capes, belts, pouches, holsters, boot cuffs, etc., but somehow, some way, the overall design has never been bogged down, and he still cuts a pretty classic and iconic silhouette. The burnt orange, navy blue, and white on their own merits would seem to be more appropriate for a collegiate mascot than a supervillain, but throw in a skull face, and the perfect storm is complete for a look that I have always loved. Sure, I am a lifetime sucker for skull/skeleton themes, so that helps, but from a common sense standpoint, it is probably crazy to think this motif works better than, say, his sleeker modern look, but it totally does, and Tasky will be taking a prominent spot in my display once again. Bless you, George Perez, you are a genius.

A good deal of this figure is made up of part reuse, but like his series mates Songbird, and Cobra, the existing pieces that have been utilized work perfectly well for the design. Now, I *might* complain a bit about wanting a more classically formed hood, and that I wish a bow, quiver, and rope were all included as well, but I get budget is a factor so not everything is likely to get in with any given figure, and what is actually here works perfectly well. The repurposed sword, gun, and shield are most certainly my preferred weapons for Taskmaster, but since his original and primary claim to fame is the mimicry of (most of) the Avengers cast, I kind of lament that he could not be fully outfitted.

For that part reuse, most of it comes from Captain America (Bucky), which makes perfect sense. I mean, if you were going to make yourself in the image of an Avenger, even if it is to mock him, Cap is the guy. The cuffs, both glove and boot, come from him, and the belt rig/pouches are carried over from the modern Taskmaster figure. The cape is new and I like it quite a lot, mostly for its rather neutral form, and the fact that it can be 100% reused for Doctor FREAKIN’ Doom at some point. I do, however, wish it was made of a softer material because, even with all of the little doodads attached to the body, the cape is really the only thing limiting some of the posing. All of the paint on these pieces, especially the very clean shield is accomplished well, with the exception of the right biceps where the blue bleeds into the orange just a touch. I am not even really bothered by that because everything else looks so nice.

I do want to give special consideration to the head sculpt/design of this figure because, in what should be a surprise to no one, it is my favorite part of Taskmaster. The skull mask is such a cool design element, so it should be a no-brainer that it is the best part of the figure, but oddly enough, I was never a big fan of the TB Taskmaster skull. This one is much better, in my opinion, and the wide open smile, along with the brows, sells the perfect expression. Like Cobra, the head is attached to the hood, so that corrects another negative of the older figure, so that is another gain for this one. The well-executed wash just seals the deal for a very successful overall release.

At the risk of this being a spoiler alert for installments yet to come, Taskmaster is my favorite figure of this series. Yes, it was probably destined to be this way, but that should not take anything away from this figure, as it is very well done. Slowly but surely we are getting through the comic versions of the classic Avengers roster and their villains, so I will enjoy this figure while I wait on new-old versions of Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Vision, Red Skull, Leader, Loki, and all the rest. Like the other figures, Tasky can be had at Amazon or BBTS and Dorkside, and if I am going to recommend a figure for those of you just wanting one from this assortment, it is certainly Tony here.

Oh, we are not done yet, check back tomorrow and Friday for more figures from this new Avengers: Infinity War series.

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