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Jim Pansen Creations: Sir Lézard de Feu and Wolfgang Kits

By now, you know Jim Pansen Creations as a stalwart third-party producer of add-on kits compatible with the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Well, they have turned their attention to Mythic Legions, and we have a look at their two latest offerings: Sir Lézard de Feu and Wolfgang!

We are big fans of the Four Horsemen Studio’s Mythic Legions line, and while there are DEFINITELY a lot of characters baked into the proper releases, there is always room for more. I have loved and been impressed with JPC’s MOTUC offerings in the past, but since that started to slow down a bit, they moved on to the pure fantasy-inspired Mythic Legions, and just like before, their character designs and archetypes fit right in. These two new kits are just like the previous releases in that they come to you painted and ready to roll, so building on your Legions could not be easier.

As I said, these two new pieces, each consisting of a fully-painted, hand sculpted, resin head cast, expand on what we already have in terms of Mythic Legions, but are also wholly new. Yes, we have knights and barbarians, but Sir Lézard de Feu and Wolfgang bring new elements to make them unique, yet familiar. The quality you have come to expect from JPC is most certainly continued here, and, in most cases, has continued to grow in terms of craftsmanship when it comes to sculpting and painting, so let’s take a look at them.

Sir Lézard de Feu 

Here is the official information about Sir Lézard from JPC:

He is a descendant of a nearly extinct noble house of an extremly long-living human race. Don’t be mistaken by his somewhat heroic appearance. Never defeated and without any mercy, is he a conqueror of worlds!

To me, Sir Lézard is a highly skilled, yet cold and arrogant knight. The sculpt has a sense of arrogance to it, and it mostly comes in the smirk, but also in the color choice of the eyes. The white/silver makes them feel almost beyond human, so that fits with the long-lived part of the official bio. I just used the standard silver knight Legion builder, and it works well here, though, it would work fine on just about any armed body in the library. I am looking forward to getting some of the elves I ordered from Mythic Legions 2.0 as I think those slender builds will work even better. Sir Lézard was sculpted traditionally in wax.

The real highlight of this sculpt though is in the ornate helmet, and the dragon motif is perfect for Mythic Legions, but also iconic in its own right. The sculpting is really solid here, and the form of the dragon is rendered really well in terms of detail for a helmet design. Additionally, I like how the dragon is positioned and the way the wings come from the back to the front. That adds a lot of interesting detail that generally overlooked when it comes to the back to fit head.

If you have several armored Mythic Legions figures in your collection, this kit will make for a great add-on to further the diversity and add a unique commanding character.


Now, as much as I like Sir Lézard, Wolfgang is where it is at for me.

Foaming with rage, he comes out of the forests of the north, ready to split some orc skulls with his untamable berserker power!

Everything about this kit speaks to me, and since it goes so well on one of my favorite Mythic Legions figures, ATTLUS THE CONQUEROR, I am having a really good time with this one. Everything from his expression to facial hair has a nice balance of blood thirsty berserker married with the guy at the local pub who can drink you under the table. In fact, after a long day of skeleton and orc smashing, I am pretty sure Wolfgang ties more than a few on of his homemade grog. There is most certainly ferocity in that expression, but also a bit of glee, as you know Wolfgang really enjoys what he does.

The wolf skin cowl is really the icing on the cake with this one, and it is exactly the kind of thing we needed in a new Mythic Legions barbarian-type character. Yes, Sir Atila Leossyr looks neat with his lion-shaped helm, but Wolfgang here is wearing an actual wolf’s head, so I am positive there will be lots of debate between the two of which is more virtuous, and which is more bravely earned. Either way, I am very happy to Wolfgang in my Legions to fight the orcs, and annoy the knights. Unlike Sir Lézard, Wolfgang was sculpted digitally.

Once again, Jim Pansen Creations really delivers with their kits, and Sir Lézard and Wolfgang will fit in wonderfully with your Mythic Legions collection. If you are interested and picking these up, and you should be, head on over the JPC Facebook page, all of the ordering instructions are there!