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eBay Frenzy: 02/11/18 Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse, Star Wars Black Series, Kits, Casts, and Dioramas

It’s hard to do eBay Frenzy weekly. Some auctions from the last installment haven’t ended yet. Some are relisted. There isn’t a lot of new stuff. But given that it’s wet and cold outside I just couldn’t help digging even further for cool customs and such. I should probably be cleaning up the yard or something. But nope. Toys.

I am a complete sucker for vintage carded figures, even of newer characters like Hera from Rebels. Dirty pool showing Chopper up on the card. We need him. Hasbro, are you listening? Probably not, why would Hasbro be reading a random custom article on a Sunday afternoon…

I’ve tried making effects with hot glue before. My own efforts were more like those times you accidentally run through a spider web and then do that dance of “GET IT OFF ME NOW WHY IS IT SO STICKY AND STRINGY!?!!” My hat is off to anyone who can do it well, like these Astral Projection Dr. Strange effects.

Sometimes when a figure is hard to get you gotta take matters into your own hands. Marvel Legends Magik kit, anyone?

This custom building diorama is a bit deceiving. It looks small by itself, but then check out the pictures with figures on it. Whoa.


WHY AM I SO ENAMORED WITH THIS GOLD GLITTER TROOPER? I need one. And one in silver glitter. And blue. And red. And green. And…

I still love the look of Hydra Captain America, even though I haven’t read one issue pertaining to the story. It’s just eye-catching.

Custom Robo! Or Obadiah Stane, if you’re a party pooper.

Maybe it’s just my deep seeded need for cowboy action figures but I’ve always wanted a Vigilante for my shelf. No, not that one, we got that. This one.

Everyone knows I love the Bandai Star Wars model kits, and love customizers who take it beyond the “Build it, display it” stage. This Echo makes me want more Clone Trooper kits. Y’know, to let them sit around in the box for years until I finally either build it and leave it plain or send it off to someone else to paint. No one ever accused me of being TOO motivated.

I know this Hoth Leia isn’t screen accurate but I dig the concept and execution.

Someone did a Lila Cheney?? That kicks ass.

This Lobo looks pretty sweet.

Another Bandai model kit! Different color R2 units make the world go round, and the light green is eye catching. Check out the fade work on the head panels.

Are you kidding me? Why have I never thought to grab one of those WWE figures and make a lawyer She-Hulk? It seems so obvious now.

Back to the hot glue, this Jubilee fireworks effect if absolutely fantastic. The subtle translucent colors really set it off.

I know we’re getting a new Marvel Legends version. Hell, it’s trickling out now. But this, this right here takes Deathlok and cranks it up to 11. The parts, the paints, the effects. Seamless.