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DAM Toys 1:12 Pocket Elite Series SAS CRW

DAM Toys just sent a breacher team at my wallet. I wasn’t gonna resist! Frag out!

For those who aren’t familair, DAM Toys is a 1/6 manufacturer in the vein of BBI and Dragon, who’ve made a name for themselves doing very meticulous military and LEO geared figures, and lately, some amazing headsculpts.

And with the announcement of their new Pocket Elite series, they are now stepping into the 1:12 scale arena.

SAt the moment, information is still very much in flux, but best estimates are around $60 US, and probably Summer 2018 for a date for these initial two figures. Things could change, but it’s a good place to start.

Those two figures would be based on the SAS CRW team, a specialized unit within the SAS that deals specifically with counterterrorism.  These two are Breacher and Assaulter, with an appropriate assortment of MP5 SMGs, shotguns, Sig pistols, and breaching tools. Plenty of time to get into those in more detail later, but for now, pics! Pics!

There’s lots of questions I would love to ask, like is this done on a new proprietary body, or something more like the Vortex Toys and 3A styles ones? I mean, 1/12 scale and that in-hand pic make me feel pretty good about the size, but I’d love some comparisons.

And of course the inevitable one would be who’s next? Spetsnaz? SEALs? GSG? All the above? Man. I haven’t been this excited since I got the Plan B military figures in the late ’90s.

BigBadToyStore currently has these up for pre-order for $70 each with a ship date of 3rd quarter 2018.

I will gladly update on these figures as we learn more. Until then, stoked!!!