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Closer Pics of the Avengers Marvel Legends Infinity War Wave 1 Finds in Australia!

Thanks to some gracious Australians we now have a closer look at the Avengers Legends Infinity War wave 1 that showed up at Toyworld last night! Today. Yesterday. Tomorrow? You know what I mean!

First up, the ones we knew about. Songbird, Taskmaster, and King Cobra all look fantastic.

MCU Iron Man doesn’t come with a Tony head. That’s a shame.

Iron Spider looks fantastic. I’m still getting used to the costume even though it was shown in Homecoming.

Proxima Midnight is a character that I need to learn more about. Or learn about. But I’m sure I’ll get a crash course around Infinity War time, I’ve been told this is the MCU version.

And finally Cap. Scruffy Cap. I’m really liking the more laid back look, and the rolled up sleeves means he’s ready for business. Saving the world type business.

And finally a closer look at the BaF movie Thanos head. He looks happy to be here.

Special thanks to Joel Michael, Nicholas La Sala, and Joseph Lee for taking and sending along these pics!