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Mattel: DC Multiverse Super Friends Superman and Aquaman

Mattel’s DC Multiverse line is still chugging along, and while most of the recent offerings have been centered around modern DC TV properties, I occasionally get figures that give me that old DCUC nostalgic feeling. While I have purchased these same characters countless times on essentially the same base body, I just could not pass up the chance to put together a dedicated Super Friends display.

Yeah, I know, ever since the end of the DCUC line, Mattel’s offerings for classic and comic fans have been a bit spotty, but I have to admit, the next few waves are actually looking really nice in terms of character selection. While I am still sad that the old DCUC line is still not chugging along (like Marvel Legends), I have enjoyed getting some new characters here and there, and frankly, I have a lot of other lines I am collecting that are taking my money, so the balance has not been bad. Generally, my excitement is only really piqued when new characters (like the upcoming Batwoman, Ray, and Vixen) are announced, but the occasional variant is fun, like these SF figures. Batman and Green Lantern were released a few months ago, but now that Aquaman and Superman have landed, we have the full set required to create the logoed display backdrop.

By all accounts, I should not be overly into these figures. I know that sounds harsh, BUT, Super Friends was before my time, so the nostalgia for the actual show really isn’t there, and frankly, there is not a ton of production value put into these releases. However, there is something about the overall execution and the way the whole group plays together on the shelf that makes me pretty forgiving and of the shortcomings, and the fact that there are some nice Super Powers tributes going on with these as well draws the appreciation out, even in these jaded times.

As I said, these figures are not without their faults, and Mattel has certainly taken advantage of these base bodies originally created by the Four Horsemen, and they still work here just fine. If you did not like these bases before, you won’t like them any better now, but I have always been a fan. Aquaman’s belt and smooth torso with scale appliqué to simulate the animated look works well, but that same animation style applied to the eyes makes them a little too one dimensional, and they just look kind of dead. Overall, though, I find this figure to be successful, and he ties with Green Lantern as my favorites from this little Super Friends subgroup.

Superman is not quite as successful, but that might be my personal bias because even back to the old DCUC days, I have never been a huge fan of this head sculpt. This is a later iteration of that original sculpt and it has obviously been retooled because the sculpt is softer now, and many of the sharp lines are gone. I suppose you could say that it helps track the animated style, but they did not go for that deliberately with the rest of the figures. Also, like Aquaman, the eye paint is not very effective, and this particular figure has uneven applications, so one eye is kind of looking off in the distance. I DO like the cloth cape, which is unusual for me, but like Batman, this was done to replicate the old Super Powers capes, and it is held on via a clip around the neck. I am not one to have nostalgia for the Super Friends show, but I DO have a lot of nostalgia of the Super Powers line, do they got me with this one.

I also continue to really dig the SF logo stands and iridescent back drops. The character sides are unique and the art is fine, but we have been waiting on the payoff of the Super Friends logo now that all four figures are together and it turned out pretty nice. It is eye-catching and since these figures are just specific enough, I will be displaying them in front of the back drops. I DO wish the cards were a bit taller so the figures did not stand above them, and the stands prevent them from being put directly together, so that breaks up what is otherwise a good idea.

I know, I really should not be as high on these figures as I am, but what can I say, I love them, despite their faults. It is a nice idea and gives those of us more into the Bronze and Silver Ages of comics a bone in an otherwise mostly modern line. I realize that this set seems to have met its finality since the backdrop is complete, but I would buy some of the other heavy-hitters from the SF or SP line in this style. I hope we see some more classic offerings in this line in the future because I will continue to opine some of the gaps in my still-impressive DCUC collection. If you are into these guys, you can still nab them from our pals at BBTS.

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