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Lanard Toys: Rampage Subject Ralph

My current collection is mostly 6-inch scaled, super-articulated action figures, but I’ve always been intrigued by Lanard Toys’ The Corps line of G.I. Joe-style line of military toys. They come with a ton of accessories and creative-looking vehicles and characters, and while I’ve never pulled the trigger and bought any, they look like a lot of fun. Lanard has repurposed a lot of their The Corps figures and accessories to accompany figures of the new creatures and characters from the upcoming film¬†Rampage. When I saw the giant wolf, Subject: Ralph, at Walmart, I finally decided to pull the trigger on some Lanard Toys. Let’s take a look.

The packaging is decent with a large window and some eye-catching graphics.


The set comes with the wolf, a little piece of wrecked bus, a soldier, and his two pistols.

The soldier has three points of articulation with swivels at the shoulders and neck. His pose is a little wonky, so he’s not very stable. The guns are soft plastic and were pretty warped by the rubber bands holding them on in the packaging. When I took the bands off, the soldier didn’t hold on to them well.

I ended up soaking the figure and guns and hot water and that fixed the warping pretty well. He has a pretty detailed sculpt and is painted fairly simply.

The little diorama piece is pretty fun. It has a little part that breaks off and the whole piece is marked up with tooth and claw marks.

Subject: Ralph is the highlight of the set. He has the following articulation:

  • Swivel legs
  • Hinged tail, front foot, front leg, neck and jaw

The jaw and neck hinges are tied together so when you raise the neck, the jaw closes and reopens when you lower the neck. The sculpt is fairly detailed. He has a lot of nice fur and scaly skin.

The paint is good for such an inexpensive figure, but he could use a bit of a wash to bring out the details.

A big part of the reason this set jumped out at me was that I saw some potential for using Ralph as a beast for other toy lines. He looks great with Mythic Legions. I was thinking about using him as a warg-type creature for my Orcs.

The size works pretty well for Mythic Legions, though I’ll have to come up with a harness or saddle of some kind. The overall movement of the figure is pretty limited, but for 15 dollars it’s pretty great.