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Bandai: Figure-rise Standard Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Tease

I just paid for my Bandai Figure-rise Standard Dragon Ball Z Broly this morning, so of course it’s time for a new model kit to be announced. Piccolo! 

For whatever reason a lot of pictures haven’t been posted, I expect more of those to pop up as time passes. Or maybe Bandai is still working on the prototype. Either way, there is still a description and it’s always fun to play the translation game.

According to Google, Piccolo will come with several hands and three face options. Angry, normal, and wearing a turban. Not sure of the set-up there, maybe a completely alternate head? A turban is also listed as a separate piece so perhaps….magic? “Piccolo’s synonymous pronouns and turbans are included, you can enjoy piccolo in various scenes!” Given the context I’m guessing the pronouns is the cape and collar thing. He also comes with a “Magical Light Gun” effect piece. Special Beam Cannon perhaps?

Most interesting is the addition of parts for a previous model, like with Broly and the included scared faces for Goku and Vegeta. The description mentions “hair parts of Super Saiyan Son Gohan!” which I assumed was black hair pieces to go on the Gohan kit to un-Super Saiyan him. But further down in the parts list it says “Super hairy garment for grandson x 1.” Odd wording, but that makes me think a collar and cape for Gohan.

We’ll see.

Piccolo has MSRP of $30 and is set to drop in April.