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GTP Toys: Space Walls Classic Scale Starter Set and Hallway Support Beams

I’ve been a fan of the GTP Toys Space Walls since the first 1:12 scale set was released, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing them expand their product range with new pieces to create fun backdrops for Star Wars Black Series figures. The 1:12 scale is my preference now, but Star Wars toys made their bones in the classic 3.75-inch scale, so it’s only natural that GTP Toys expanded into this scale with their usual great quality that improves upon the original Space Walls in a lot of ways.

One complaint many had about the original Space Walls was that they were tough to balance and GTP toys addresses this beautifully with the Hallway Support beams. These come in a set of two, packaged in a pretty snazzy cardboard box with GTP Toys’ stylish logo.

The beams come with four orange clips with allow you to securely attache the beams to each other and the Space Walls from the starter set.

The starter set comes packaged in a really cool window box with some lovely product illustrations and bold orange graphics.

The starter set comes with two light panels and five opaque panels and a bag of orange clips. The clips come in three varieties: straight, corner, and 45 degree. These clips help you set up the space walls in a variety of ways.

The clips make setting up the more complicated hallways and rooms with the Space Walls a lot easier and fun. I was able to get some nice variations with just the one set, but my mind was racing with what I could do with several more.

I also like how they have added a little detail to the sides of the Space Walls.

These things work great with the Vintage figures:

The POTF2 Figures:

The Clone Wars figures:

And my personal favorite, Rebels figures:

GTP Toys has a sale going on now and you can pick up two classic sets for $70. It’s a little pricey, but I feel like they are very high quality, sturdy materials.


For the above shot I duplicated the side walls in Photoshop.



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