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figma: Max Factory Deadpool DX Edition Video and Quick Pics

I’m always on the lookout for another Deadpool figure. Always. It’s one of the few characters that I have multiples displayed on the shelf. Marvel Legends, Mezco, Revoltech, customs. X-Men, X-Force, the standard red and black. So when Good Smile Company solicited their figma Deadpool DX edition I knew I had to jump on it. But if you’re a staunch 1/12 scale collector, this isn’t the Merc with a Mouth for you. Sorry.

I’ll admit, I don’t do much figma. I’ve had the Avengers Captain America and Thor for a while but didn’t open them until the day I received Deadpool. And then of course there is the Elsa and Olaf from Frozen. All were pretty good. Cap’s legs don’t like to stay on when posing and Thor’s cape is a bit lifeless, along with both having cartoon aesthetics. But the articulation is smooth on all of them and they are pleasant to pose. Deadpool is no different.

Except it’s Deadpool. There have been so many iterations of Wade that the animated look doesn’t really seem out of place. In fact, it’s kind of fitting. The suit looks like it is mostly pulled from the Marvel NOW look but it also reminds me of the movie costume with some classic touches.

That or they nailed the look in movie so hard that our grandkids will still be referring to it as the pinnacle of page-to-screen interpretations.

The figure isn’t perfect. The seam in the head where the face swapping happens is annoying. It doesn’t close up all the way. I think I had the same problem with Olaf. You have to be aware of where the joints sit any time you pose it, especially the shoulders. Not that it’s the shoulder’s fault, it made to move really far, but it can get a little out of control. And then on mine, they sent me two of the same fake holstered pistols instead of two different ones to match the actual real….fake…..plastic pistols. I would have liked two of the autos instead of two mismatched ones, but what can you do.

Most of all, it’s small. It’s not going to replace your Legends figure in the display. I looks great once you acclimate to the design but really, he’s more Kidpool size. Or, to be technical, figma sized. Good Smile makes no claims to being exact 1/12 scale so it’s not like they are duping us. They just do their own thing.

But you wanna know what the figure has going for it? Fun. A shitload of fun. At first I was disappointed with the various issues, even walking away at one point. But when I got past all that and started posing him and such, I started having a blast. It’s not as flexible as the Revoltech or gritty as the Mezco, but it’s a wacky romp through the studio. And I can appreciate that.

It won’t be going in any main display but it’s staying on the desk. It will get fiddled with while watching YouTube. It’ll show up in random places and be found where you wouldn’t expect.




Standard hands:

Standard faceplates:

Standard accessories:

Deluxe hand:

Deluxe head (actual full head, not a faceplate):

Deluxe accessories:

Deluxe extra legs:



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9 thoughts on “figma: Max Factory Deadpool DX Edition Video and Quick Pics

  1. Agreed. But we did get an mj in a two pack. And a clever JJJ from Chameleon. The door may be cracking open.

  2. You’re right, MJ and J. Jonah definitely warmed the pegs. Doesn’t mean I don’t miss them.

  3. Yeah… but they were the only thing on pegs for a while besides the many Spideys with clunky action features. Superposeable heroes and villains flew off the shelves.

  4. Don’t mind me, I’m just over here wondering why all my toys aren’t sitting at tiny little desks.

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