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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Riders Black Widow and Motorcycle

15 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Riders Black Widow and Motorcycle

  1. Oh, I’m not doubting that at all, I’m just saying that the headsculpt was tooled for MJ first, and seeing it again so soon on the Black Widow figure makes it look less like Black Widow and more like MJ cosplaying Black Widow at NYCC, especially since they used the smallest female body buck they had other than the Spider-Girl one they use for teens.

    Which… actually might make a cool exclusive. Like, what if convention exclusives were figures of characters cosplaying other characters? Like, a figure of Peter Parker in a Captain America suit. That’d be a fun exclusive, I think.

  2. Natasha
    Mary Jane
    Queen Medusa
    Patsy Walker
    Jean Grey
    Madelyn Pryor
    Rachel Summers
    Sheyera Hall
    Lana Lang
    Queen Maxima
    Artemis WonderWoman
    Poison Ivy
    Barbara Gordon….
    “Weird” or whatever you call it, comics love redheads!

  3. This body looks new, with some nice cloth folds in it. That’s why I want it. I hope poseability is good.

  4. They really dropped the ball with Gwen, they just can’t do happy faces. Even Kamala’s demure smile is nothing compared to her over-joyous personality in the comics.

  5. Natasha is fine with a blank expression I think. The worst one for me is Spider Gwen. She looks sod damn bored and disinterested.

  6. That is very true, although a determined expression/furrowed brow would work nicely, like Wasp’s almost-smile. My point is more general I suppose, that Hasbro just cannot give 96% of their figures any kind of character beyond a neutral expression. Their facesculpts have a lack of energy that these heroes possess in leaps and bounds in the comics, which is a shame.

  7. I think stoic is a good expression for black widow. Plus if they gave an expression on one and not the other, i would probably end up liking ones face, but the other ones hair. I like this version. Makes it easy not to freak out about finding the vintage figure

  8. You’d think they could have given us an expression on one of those two face sculpts? Hasbro’s figures always look so gosh darned bored.

    However, we have been waiting YEARS for an affordable comic book Widow release, so it’s great to have two in such quick succession!

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