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Medicom: MAFEX Astro Boy Promotional Images and Info

I’ve become used to MAFEX being semi-realistic action figures. Gritty even. The Nolan Batman Trilogy. Their excellent Boba Fetts and Darth Vaders. The upcoming Justice League members. Suicide Squad. So when something like Astro Boy comes along it’s a bit jarring. Not unwelcome, but jarring.

Even more so that it’s solicited the same day as the JL Cyborg and Tactical Suit Batman. Again, not bad. It’s just “Uh huh. Uh huh. Whoa, huh??”

The figure looks good. Really good. And it’s simple design means it has a much better chance of making it to our grubby hands looking more like the proto than not.

Again, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

The accessories are a bit ambiguous. It definitely comes with searchlight effects for the eyes, but is there another faceplate in which to plug those effects? I had to do some digging to find that the tail guns are magnetic. And then the opening panel torso is a completely different piece. If just a few more parts were included you could essentially have another whole figure. One powered up and ready, another just in neutral stance.

Or asleep.

But all in all it does look pretty fantastic. Astro Boy is set to release June 2018 and will run you about $70.