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Mattel: Justice League Flying Fox Vehicle/Playset

One of the more interesting concepts revealed via the Justice League toy line has to be this giant flying boxcar known as the “Flying Fox.” While the concept art and toys have given us an idea of scale, I still didn’t understand why this supplanted the Batwing. Now I get it: This is supposed to be Batman’s toy hauler.

Mattel has dropped some increasingly impressive product as the clock narrows in on release day. Edging near the Batcave/Stryker’s Island play set in terms of sheer size, the Flying Fox is easily the largest vehicle. Although done in that compromise style, where we add “playset” fold out features to a vehicle to give it more alleged “play value,” I think there is some raw potential for a really impressive movie vehicle here.
Of course, the most impressive is the ear size. With a large cargo cabin in the front, cockpit top-aft, and an extra cargo door at the rear, the Fox has a ton of room for figures and accessories. The big play set feature is a large tower that opens up out of that cargo section, which adds a trap door, zipline, and a weapons rack, similar to the Batcave one. But this thing just eats space, and looks silly. I cut it out.
The cargo Bay is nearly big enough to house the basic line’s Batmobile, which really should be the main feature of this vehicle — that’s what it looks to be doing in the movie! But that opportunity looks just barely missed. Certainly, though, this is plenty of room for maybe some smaller vehicles and definitely lots of Leaguers. In order to really put it into use, though, it needs a real floor. After that, it’s just a matter of putting some seats in, maybe reusing that weapons rack. An alternative might be just opening up that bottom section completely — maybe you could fit a Batmobile underslung, like the Lego set does.
The cockpit section is a little oddly designed, basically an indented casket in the mold of the body. The Mattel figures, never the pinnacle of articulation, struggle to fit. The Mezco Batman will fit, but he’s practically laying down to do so. Cutting a drop out for his legs helps immensely.
The body is a sturdy but surprisingly light hunk of plastic. The top is nicely detailed, but the underside suffers a bit. Also, I know it’s made-up vehicle, but where’s the propulsion?

With some pretty big open spaces under the wing stubs, I added some lift fans from a GI dragonhawk project I had. Definitely makes sense, and gives the wings some depth.

For armament, there are two launchers that can be positioned anywhere on the body that there is a Hex-shaped hole, as well as these two pop out cannons above the wings stubs. I really like the feature,  I just wish these cannons were a little more menacing.
Accessory-wise, you get the Amory set from the cave, as well as some clip-on armor pieces (not pictured, but nothing special), zipline gear, and a robot arm. Obviously this stuff comes in more to play with the tower.
You may have realized partway through this review that this is almost as much custom project as it is review, maybe more. Truthfully, I’d intended to review this set out of the box, but after looking it over, it was clear this thing wouldn’t have a home in mu collection, as it was. So apologies if I lead you astray.
But what I do see in this vehicle is a lot of potential. Lots of space to add features and accessories, and an interesting shape and style to do it in. Maybe the Batmobile won’t fit, but I’m sure a Batcycle will. Definitely some power armor, and various Batman hardwares, and hey, maybe a mobile crime lab or something. And it would certainly perform a Javelin-style carrier role for the Justice League, once we get some seats in there.
So recommendations are going to be for the JL fan looking for a project. It’s a lot of vehicle for the price, but the function is definitely more geared toward the target audience — though I think they too would have had more fun with this thing if it could actually haul a Batmobile.

7 thoughts on “Mattel: Justice League Flying Fox Vehicle/Playset

  1. I actually don’t have the new JL basic, just the BvS one you mention. It would take some serious modifications to get that thing in there. That’s what she said.

  2. Largest bat in the world is known as the ‘flying fox’.

    Also it was the name of the ship in Batman and the Outsiders

  3. you say the basic Batmobile won’t fit into it? gonna assume thats the JL one? what about the BvS one I have that and looks bit narrower all be it bit taller just curious

  4. Awww yes. A review/customization tutorial. I haven’t seen this yet, but you darn sure sold me in this vehicle.

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