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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi (Force Spirit)

I love Star Wars, and Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite Star Wars character (Chewie runs an extremely close second), so even though I was an easy mark for this new Walgreen’s exclusive Black Series figure, it is still really neat.

Since Walgreen’s has been the (ostensibly) sole supporter of the Fantastic Four in Marvel Legends in recent years via their store exclusives, I already liked them. However, now that their Star Wars exclusives include a unique take on my boy Ben, well, that pretty much seals the deal on them being my favorite exclusive retailer. It doesn’t hurt that I have had good success in finding their store exclusives as well.

It seems like it took an eternity for Hasbro to get an Original Trilogy of Obi-Wan into the Black Series. However, since he was originally announced, we have seen him as an SDCC exclusive, a release in the main line, the 40th anniversary line, and now as a ghost. So I am feeling the love there, but it is almost like this exclusive is the most appropriate release since this is how Ben spent most of his time in the OT. Really, this figure is a perfect storm for an exclusive: it offers a unique and important take on a main character, but without having to break the production budget.

So, if you have the standard old Ben, you know the base figure you are getting here. Paint (we will get to that in a minute) is the only change here, and while the original accessories have been dropped, Obi-Wan did not have his lightsaber as a Force ghost. He does have his requisite robe, and while the pattern is the same, the material has been changed to help continue to sell the spirit effect. If you are not into variants on your action figure shelf, you might be able to pass on this, but if you are collect the expanse of the SWB line, or if you are an Obi-Wan fan, you are going to want to get you arse to Walgreen’s right away, as this figure is hitting store now.

The gimmick of this figure is all sold in the paint effect, and while it is likely not what most would have expected in coming up with the ghost effect, I find it really neat and convincing to the source material. Well, I say paint effect, but also in the plastic as the translucence and pearlescent paint make for an Obi-Wan perfect for the upcoming Halloween. The paint job is definitely new to SWB line, and the only other place I have seen something similar used is with the World of Nintendo Star-Power Mario figure.

The effect is more restrained here, so I find it to be more convincing, especially when it comes to screen accuracy. I have always thought a simple translucent figure has served the Force ghost effect well in the past, but with this, you get closer to how the effect on Alec Guinness was used in the movies, and it looks neat. There is just more personality here. The paint works as the figure transitions from clear plastic at the extremities and gets more detailed in the upper body and face. I don’t know if I would call it groundbreaking or anything, but I do really like it.

The cloak material has been changed to an almost shear but tight-knit netting, and so it is purple in color but is easily seen through. Because the material is so thin, it is much more manageable than the standard Kenobi robe, so that is definitely a plus, but it also gives away some spots where I don’t think the fitting is accurate. The sleeves have always been tight with these, but since you can see the plastic sleeves underneath this now, it is more apparent. It does not look  bad, but it is something I did notice.

Hey, I will always take a new Obi-Wan figure (and a new Kenobi movie — please make that happen with Ewan, Lucasfilm), but this one is very unique, even in my collection. Between Hasbro and Bandai, I now have an Obi-Wan for all of his canonical film appearances the 1:12 scales, so color me happy. I think most people will either love or hate the effect, but I do encourage that you see it in person before making your final judgement. Normally, Walgreen’s exclusives show up on their website, but Ben has not made it there yet, so you are going to have to pound some pavement, and you should — this is a really fun figure.

9 thoughts on “Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi (Force Spirit)

  1. I saw this today, I was less than impressed. Note for Canadians who do want it, look at EB Games.

  2. Looks like they found a way to make the hood fit and look right. The regular Obi looks so goofy when it’s up

  3. I imagine with Luke it’s a spoiler thing but I agree (he has a hook for one maybe he has the old RotJ one or maybe Rey makes her own and Luke takes Dad’s back). I got a few busted saber blades so extras are always welcome! Or even a plastic pile of robes for our new excellent ANH Vader to step on!

  4. No accessories? Pass. I get it, Force Ghost Ben didn’t use a lightsaber, but who’s to say he didn’t have a Force Ghost Lightsaber with him? We can always use an extra lightsaber piece. Hell, Old Man Luke didn’t come with one, either. Stop emasculating our Jedi, Hasbro!

  5. Check out olejadejawcustoms on Instagram. He does Obi Wan, Yoda, and both versions of Anakin. I bought a really neat DP in carbonite last year, great quality.

  6. I’ve seen that solid Ghost Obi before. Is anybody still selling those on eBay?

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