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Hasbro: NYCC Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series Reveals Promotional Images

Fwoosh doesn’t have an official presence at NYCC this year so we know jack about what’s going on, but that’s never stopped us before! Here’s promotional images for today’s Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series!

Pretty pictures! Just look!

Multiple Man includes two other heads, one less angry and one without the cowl. Prowler is so amazing looking, makes me want Rocket Racer. And I’ll never say no to another Taskmaster.

I can barely contain myself looking at the Star Wars reveals. I mean, it’s DJ! Finally! No, but really, knocking out two of the bounty hunters in one go? So, so sweet. 4-LOM’s elbows are said to be articulated with working pistons and everything. Another Lando is always welcome too.