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Extreme-Sets: Display Pack 001

Extreme-Sets has been helping talentless people like me enhance their photos and collections with their awesome cardboard diorama pieces for several years now. Well, they are expanding their offerings to help supplement your collection shelves with their new Display Sets, and we have a look at the first one.

If you are at all familiar with some of Extreme-Sets previous offerings, you know that they are very detailed and often contain multiple pieces, with some providing background and others providing interactive aspects and 3D depth. Well now, with their new Display Sets, they have designed base and backdrop pieces that can fit right on your shelf and help break up the monotony of plain walls and plan bases. While I love the diorama pieces, these are another great idea that offer display enhancement while keeping it nice and simple.

We will have a look at all four sets in the coming weeks, but this first one, aptly named set 001, offers a snowy cityscape with a subdued brick wall in the foreground, and dirty streets for the base. There are four unique backdrops and two of each of the two unique bases for a total of eight cardboard pieces included in this set. That is four feet of display space that can be made all the more interesting by building these into the background and the floor, and man, they have an instant impact. Now, I am in the middle of building a new house after a cross-country move, so all of my shelves are currently in a state of not being assembled, but even taking pictures of these without free space, I want to put those shelves back up ASAP.

I really do love the simplicity of this background scape, and it is one that can represent a solitary and quiet space, or one of those filmic and poetic spots to stage an emotional “final battle” between opponents. The street scape on the base can be used in a variety of situations, and while it fits in well with the city backdrop here, I can see it fitting in with many other previous Extreme-Sets to add that extra dimension. The focus and depth of field is, as usual, also very nice in the backdrops. The wall in the foreground is perfectly in-focus as it should be, but the buildings in the background are in varying states of focus, as are the snowflakes. This is subtle, but I really appreciate the effect as it helps create that extra layer of dimension, even on a flat piece of cardboard.

Well, the good news for me is that, while I wait on getting the new toy room together, these new Display Sets work very well for toy review photography as well. I understand that if you have limited space, the more involved diorama pieces might be a bit much in terms of size, but these more streamlined Displays can be integrated in so many ways, and really, they have a ZERO unique footprint because figures can stand in front and on all of the pieces. If you are interested in giving this a shot (and you should) you can get it right now at the Extreme-Sets website. Also, keep it right here because we will be bringing you more looks at more sets over the next few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Extreme-Sets: Display Pack 001

  1. I am a big fan of the Extreme Sets pop-up dioramas, and I own several of them. If you are someone who takes a lot of figure photos they are an invaluable resource. I don’t have any of the display sets yet, but I definitely have my eye on a couple of them. I may have to pull the trigger on at least one of them very soon (but which to choose??). I would definitely want this cityscape if it was not snowing. I do like the snow effect, but it limits the scene to just one time of year, so it makes it a little less versatile. I may hold out and see if they release one sans snow in the near future.

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