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Bandai: Figure-rise Standard Dragon Ball Z Goku and Krillin DX Model Kits Video and Quick Pics

I’ve still been buying most of the Bandai Figure-rise Standard Dragon Ball model kits…I just haven’t been building them. Lack of time, mostly. But I was pulled back in hard and made to find the time with the release of the Goku and Krillin DX set. Totally worth it. Now about those other kits…

First, some honesty. Apparently the DX set is cast in lighter colors. If you scroll down to the comparison pics you’ll see that the old Super Saiyan Goku has a darker orange to the gi and more tannish skintone. Looks a little more realistic, even though we’re talking about animated characters here. I’ve been told the standard, separate releases of Krillin and Goku are closer in shades to it. I had no clue. Why was I not informed? At the end of the day it doesn’t bother me too much but if you watch the video you’ll hear me comment about the brighter colors. That’s why.

As far as the figures go, I love them. Krillin’s shoulders are tight as hell and it seems Goku’s head has less range of movement back and to the sides, but otherwise they are pretty damn amazing for model kits. And I couldn’t be happier to get a Goku in what I consider his iconic look. That may not be true for everyone but it’s the look to which I was introduced. It’s how I think of him when I picture him in my head. The other versions are just him doing what he needs to do to win.

And Krillin? I know it may not be a popular opinion but he’s probably my favorite character in the series so it’s good to get him in plastic form.

Most of all though, these make me want to go back and build that Android 17 and 18 I have sitting in the stack. Along with Super Saiyan Vegeta and Trunks. And that Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku is now calling my name. I need another day in the week.





Goku alternate faces:

Krillin alternate faces:

Goku alternate hands:

Krillin alternate hands:

Goku effects:

Krillin effects:



1 thought on “Bandai: Figure-rise Standard Dragon Ball Z Goku and Krillin DX Model Kits Video and Quick Pics

  1. I was a big fan of the show as a kid, and these are really cool, but I’m hoping SHF gets around to rereleasing a standard Goku again. He’s really the only one I’m interested in getting. I know they have kid Goku coming in January. I’ll probably get him and the Super Saiyn version with the ripped up costume. I might get this one, even if the scale is off, and call it a day with my DBZ collection.


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