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Official Fwoosh 2017 Marvel Legends Top Ten Poll Results

The annual Marvel Legends top ten vote for 2017 is all wrapped up, and the votes are counted. I thought we had a great turnout last year, but for the third year in a row, the records for most participants, most votes, and most characters voted for were all destroyed by this year’s. In 2015 we had 182 people vote, in 2016 we had 291. This year? Over three hundred and eighty people voted for which Marvel characters they want to see get the Hasbro Legends treatment!

I got the feeling that many of you guys felt like we would have a lot of repeat characters in this year’s top ten. Which makes sense because, besides Moon Knight, none of last year’s top ten has been released or even revealed yet. It’s quite a difference from the previous year because all ten of the 2015 results have been released in Legends form. Hopefully this year’s results get revealed sooner rather than later.

Let’s get to the results!

There was actually two ties this year, so instead of ten characters, I said screw it, and decided to do a top twelve this year.

At number ten with 41 votes is everyone’s favorite shape-changing mutant:

10. Mystique


Sure, she may be blue, sometimes evil, and sometimes more than a bit … uh … loose in her love life. But there’s no denying her popularity. There hasn’t been a figure of her classic made yet that has done her justice, so it looks like the fans are ready. There are plenty of great female base figures to make her on, just include her pistol and make sure the skirt is soft enough not to hinder the articulation.

The number nine spot brings us our first tie. Both characters received 49 votes. Up first but moving down a spot from last year’s top ten is:

9. Squirrel Girl


She’s become a very popular choice the last few years as she’s been a regular in multiple comic series and will be a main character in Marvel’s Freeform show New Warriors. In her second trip to the top ten, she made a big jump up from 27 to 49 votes this year. The fur may prove to be a challenge, but an overlay like they used on Man-Thing may need to be used here.

Also gaining 49 votes and tying for the ninth spot is the X-Men patriarch:

9. Professor Xavier

Just about all the votes for Professor X included his hover chair too, so it seems this look is the one the masses want most. It’s been a long time since a figure of Xavier has been made. Now with the updated suit body used on characters like Chameleon, Purple Man, and Agent Coulson, this seems like an easy choice. The hover chair may require him to be a build-a-figure, but who wouldn’t want to collect an entire wave of X-characters to get to build him or his chair?

At number eight and making a huge jump in the vote totals from 19 to 53 is:

8. Doctor Octopus.

This is definitely one of my big wants. We’ve received quite a few classic Spidey villains over the past couple of years, but getting a new Doc Ock with some well crafted, functioning tentacles would be awesome! This is another one that I feel is just a matter of time before we get a new updated figure.

Number seven brings another classic villain that is sorely needing an updated figure. Kingpin grabbed 60 votes to make his first appearance into the Fwoosh top ten.

7. Kingpin


There were a few votes for a Netflix version included among the Kingpin votes, and I’m fine with that as long as the figure is massive and menacing.  Just make sure he’s in a ridiculously expensive suit and toss in a cane for an accessory. I could even see him needing to anchor a wave as a build-a-figure as he will need a new one-off sculpt.

Yet another big name villain makes his way into the top ten at number six:

6. Dr. Doom

Although the last Dr. Doom figure we got was almost a decade ago, it’s still not bad and was one of Hasbro’s better, earlier figures. With the improvements Hasbro has made in figure quality over the last few years, I’d imagine an updated figure of the Fantastic Four foe would really blow our collecting skirts up. Plus, with the Fantastic Four team being released one-by-one as Walgreens exclusives, you have to figure it’s only a matter of time before we get a Doom figure to rule our shelves with an iron fist.

Starting the top five is a return member from last year’s top ten:

5. Beast

Hank McCoy amassed an enormous 80 vote total this year, and it’s pretty obvious the collecting community wants an updated figure of him. The Jim Lee version was, again, the preferred look the voters asked for. This may require a devoted, one-off sculpt to be done right, so maybe using that sculpt with a couple different head sculpts allowing for a few different versions of him to be released may work. Whatever it takes — a new Beast figure is definitely needed.

Another villain makes the list at number four. This time though it’s the Mutant menace known as:

4. Magneto


Magneto has now made multiple trips into the Fwoosh top ten, making it pretty obvious the collecting community is ready for an all new update to the X-Men villain. The last one Hasbro made was on an outdated base body and isn’t up to today’s standards. A character like Magneto deserves a great figure and hopefully we get one soon.

Down two spots from last year but still making the top five is everyone’s favorite Cajun stereotype character:

3. Gambit

Our Jim Lee-era Rogue figure is still in need of her beau. It just doesn’t seem right not to have him to go with her on our shelves. Besides that, the old ToyBiz Gambit figure just doesn’t look right next to today’s Legends figures. One of the middle-sized male base bodies would be ideal for Remy. Hopefully this gets righted soon.

The number two spot brings us our second tie of the top ten. Both gained 96 votes, which is a huge vote total. First up is last year’s number two vote getter:

2. Psylocke

Last year Psylocke had 46 votes to put her into third place. This year, even though she jumped up to a whopping 96 votes, she only jumped up one spot to get into second place. There were a few other votes for her armored look, but it looks like for the vast majority of collectors, her scantily clad, ninja look is preferred. Again there are plenty of female base bodies that could work for her making it an easy figure to create. Make sure she comes equipped with her swords and a psychic knife attachment and you’ll have a winner.

The other tied spot for number two is last year’s number four,

2. Nightcrawler

Everyone’s favorite fuzzy blue mutant is well deserving of a new figure, according to the collectors. The old ToyBiz figure is still pretty good, but I have to imagine an updated version with some great added, well-functioning articulation would be a hot commodity.

And finally coming in at the top spot once again is Storm making her back-to-back top ten champ.

  1. Storm

Classic was definitely the preferred costume choice, but once again the Jim Lee era and punk Storm were popular choices. Storm brought in a record shattering 115 votes to easily win the top ten vote. The Storm figure Hasbro released a few years ago is nice, but it’s not one of her three most popular looks, and it seems that is what the fans really want. Classic would be my preferred choice, but I wouldn’t be opposed to buying either of her other two looks as well.

And for the winner of the Build-a-Figure poll?


I mean at this point it’s ridiculous how many times the big fella has won this. Come on, Hasbro, get to it!  Hopefully with the Inhumans TV show debuting this fall, Lockjaw will finally find his way into anchoring a wave of Legends as the build-a-figure.



Well, that’s it for this year’s top ten results. What do you think?  Did your choices make the cut? Any surprises?  Let us know what you think!

Here are the full vote totals for this year’s top ten:


Storm 115
Nightcrawler 96
Psylocke 96
Gambit 89
Magneto 82
Beast 80
Doctor Doom 63
Kingpin 60
Doc Ock 53
Professor X 49
Squirrel Girl 49
Mystique 41
Firestar 37
Luke Cage [Netflix] 34
Emma Frost 33
Elektra 32
Scorpion 32
Executioner 30
Silver Samurai 29
Multiple Man 28
Wolverine [Tiger Stripe] 28
Loki 27
Colossus 26
Northstar 26
Jubilee 25
Blink 24
Coleen Wing 24
Quasar 23
Hercules 22
Shang Chi 22
Thor (Classic) 22
Silver Surfer 21
Kitty Pride [Excalibur] 20
Crystal 19
Vision [MCU] 19
Nighthawk 18
Quicksilver 18
Sabertooth 18
Sunspot 18
Thing 18
Megan [Excalibur] 17
Mister Sinister 17
America Chavez 16
Dagger 16
Iron Fist (Netflix) 16
Omega Red 16
Snowbird 16
Spider-Ham 16
Spider-Man [Noir] 16
Attuma 15
Iron Man [Classic] 15
Rachel Summers 15
Blue Marvel 14
Cannonball 14
Count Nefaria 14
Heimdall 14
Jack of Hearts 14
Mandarin 14
Night Thrasher 14
Cloak 13
Falcon 13
Rictor 13
Toad 13
Bishop 12
Dani Moonstar 12
Grey Gargoyle 12
Hand Ninja 12
Hulk 12
Kaine 12
Magik 12
Wolfbane 12
Howard the Duck 11
Ironheart [Riri Williams] 11
Molecule Man 11
Spiral 11
Wolverine [Laura Kinney] 11
Aurora 10
Beta Ray Bill 10
Mephisto 10
Moondragon 10
Old Man Spider 10
Quake 10
Thunderbird 10
Typhoid Mary 10
White Rabbit 10
Archangel 9
Banshee 9
Crimson Dynamo 9
Destiny 9
Goblin Queen 9
High Evolutionary 9
Jean Grey [Gold and Blue] 9
Kang the Conqueror 9
Lilandra 9
Moon Girl 9
Pixie 9
Rom 9
Shriek 9
Vision 9
Warpath 9
Baron Mordo 8
Black Knight 8
Captain America [Secret Empire] 8
Citizen V 8
Death’s Head 8
Ghost Rider [90s Danny Ketch] 8
Gorgon 8
Karnak 8
Puma 8
Slapstick 8
Speed Ball 8
Taskmaster (classic) 8
Balder the Brave 7
Boom Boom 7
Cyclops [Champions] 7
Deathbird 7
Doctor Strange[Classic] 7
Ghost Rider [Robbie Reyes] 7
Jocasta 7
Longshot 7
Luke Cage 7
Ms Marvel [Dark Avengers] 7
Prowler 7
Quicksilver [MCU] 7
War Machine 7
Wiccan 7
Clea 6
Diamond Back 6
Dr Bong 6
Feral 6
Firelord 6
Forge 6
Gladiator (Melvin Potter) 6
Guardian 6
Havok [X-Factor] 6
Maverick 6
Namorita 6
Ronan [MCU] 6
Silver Sable 6
Starhawk 6
Stingray 6
Tigra 6
Triton 6
Viv Vision 6
Vulture 6
Adam Warlock 5
Avalanche 5
Black Tom Cassidy 5
Captain Marvel [Monica Rambeau] 5
Corsair 5
Cosmo the Dog 5
Dracula 5
Dracula [Armor] 5
Ghost Rider (MCU) 5
Graviton 5
Gwen Stacy 5
Hellstorm 5
Hogun 5
Hulk [Amadeus Cho] 5
Hulkling 5
Hydro Man 5
Lady Deathstrike 5
Mantis [Classic] 5
Marrow 5
Peggy Carter 5
Rogue [Modern Green] 5
Ronan 5
Shaman 5
Siryn 5
Sleepwalker 5
Starfox 5
Swarm 5
Titania 5
Wonder Man [Safari Jacket] 5
Anole 4
Ant Man [classic] 4
Armor 4
Bug 4
Cardiac 4
Daredevil (Netflix black outfit) 4
Dazzler [Outback with jacket] 4
Deadpool [MCU] 4
Doppelganger 4
Fandral 4
Iron Man [Extremis] 4
Iron Spider 4
Jigsaw 4
Matt Murdock 4
Moon Knight [Mr Knight] 4
Morg 4
Morlun 4
Nomad 4
Nova [Frankie Raye] 4
Phyla-Vell 4
Prodigy 4
Proxima Midnight 4
Pyro 4
Rage 4
Rescue 4
She-Hulk 4
Shocker [Classic] 4
Strong Guy 4
Thunderstrike 4
Wizard 4
Yellow Jacket [MCU] 4
Yondu 4
Ant-Man [MCU] 3
Ant-Man [Scott Lang] 3
Arcade 3
Beyonder 3
Calypso 3
Charlie 27 3
Crossbones (MCU) 3
Diablo 3
Exodus 3
Frog Man 3
Hellcow 3
Iceman [classic] 3
Iron Man [mk VII MCU] 3
Jack Flag 3
Ka-Zar 3
Mach-X 3
Magma 3
Malekith 3
Martinex 3
Molly Hayes 3
Morph 3
Mr. Hyde 3
Mystique [ MCU ] 3
Norman Osborn 3
Penance 3
Peter Parker 3
Psycho Man 3
Rachel Grey (Excalibur) 3
Revanche 3
Rocket Raccoon [80’s] 3
Scream 3
Sebastian Shaw 3
Selene 3
Shadow King 3
Shark-Girl 3
Sif [MCU] 3
Spider-Woman [Modern] 3
Stilt Man 3
Super Skrull 3
The Collector (MCU) 3
The Hood 3
The Orb 3
Thor [Ultimate] 3
Troll 3
Volstagg 3
Wasp [MCU] 3
Whiplash 3
X-Man [Nate Grey] 3
Agent Carter [ABC Show] 2
Agent Melinda May 2
Ahab 2
Ancient One 2
Angel 2
Ant-Man [Eric O’Grady] 2
Aunt May 2
Baron Blood 2
Baron von Strucker 2
Black Tarantula 2
Blacklash 2
Boomerang [Classic] 2
Bruce Banner 2
Captain Britain [Excalibur] 2
Captain Ultra 2
Carrion 2
Chase Stein 2
Claire Temple [MCU] 2
Corvus Glaive 2
Crossbones 2
Cyclops [Phoenix 5] 2
Daken 2
Demolition Man 2
Echo 2
Edwin Jarvis [comics] 2
Foolkiller [Greg Salinger] 2
Gamora [Marvel Now] 2
Gorr 2
Hellfire Club Guard 2
Hydra Cap 2
Hyperion 2
Infamous Iron Man (Doctor Doom) 2
Inferno 2
Iron Fist [Classic] 2
Iron Fist [Orson Randall] 2
Iron Man [Silver Centurion] 2
Iron patriot 2
Justice 2
Karma 2
Karnilla 2
Karolina Dean 2
Kid Loki 2
Lady Deadpool 2
Leader 2
Legion 2
Lilith [daughter of Dracula] 2
Living Laser 2
Madame Web [classic] 2
Madcap 2
Mania 2
Marinna 2
Mastermind 2
Maximus 2
Mesmero 2
Mimic 2
Mindless Ones 2
Mister Negative 2
Monet St. Croix 2
Mr. Negative 2
Nate Gray 2
Nebula (Classic) 2
Nick fury [sam jackson] 2
Nightmare 2
Owl 2
Phage 2
Phantom Rider 2
Photon 2
Polaris [X Factor] 2
Power Man [classic] 2
Power Princess 2
Prowler 2
Puck 2
Rachel Summers 2
Random 2
Rogue [Modern] 2
Rogue [Outback] 2
Scarlet Spider [Kaine] 2
She-Hulk [Single Green Female/Lawyer] 2
Skrull 2
Sphinx 2
Spidercide 2
Spider-Man [Japan] 2
Spot 2
Stick 2
Superior Octopus 2
Swordsman 2
Talisman 2
T-Ray 2
Ultron [Rage of Ultron] 2
US Agent 2
Vapor 2
Vector 2
Vengeance 2
Venom 2
Vertigo 2
Void 2
Warriors Three 2
White Tiger [Hector Ayala] 2
Wizard 2
Wolverine [Patch] 2
X-Ray 2
Zaran 2
Zarathos 2
Aarkon 1
Abigail Brand 1
A-Bomb 1
Abraham Whistler 1
Agatha Harkness 1
Agent Phil Coulson 1
Agent Venom [Thunderbolts] 1
Agony 1
Air-Walker [Gabriel Lan] 1
Alistair Smythe 1
Amor 1
Anaconda 1
Ancient One [mcu] 1
Aneka 1
Annihilus 1
Aries [Marcus Lassiter] 1
Armored Spider-man 1
Askani Son 1
Atlas [classic] 1
Ayo 1
Azazel 1
Baron Zemo II 1
Barracuda 1
Basil Elks Basilisk 1
Bastion 1
Battlestar 1
Beast 1
Bengal 1
Bi-Beast 1
Big Bertha 1
Black Cat 1
Black Dwarf [MCU] 1
Black Knight [Nathan Garrett] 1
Black Panther MCU 1
Black Queen(Selene Gallio) 1
Black Spectre 1
Blackheart Agents of Shield 1
Blade [movie] 1
Blade Original Costume [Tomb of Dracula] 1
Blastaar ( original costume ) 1
Blazing Skull 1
Bobby Drake 1
Box 1
Brood 1
Brother Voodoo [Classic] 1
Bruce Banner [Old Man Logan] 1
Bucky 1
Bucky Barnes:Winter Soldier 1
Cable [Mesiah] 1
Cable [Ultimate] 1
Cable Movie 1
Caiera the Oldstrong 1
Caliban (Classic) 1
Captain America [Earth X] 1
Captain America [Sam Wilson] 1
Captain marvel (Danvers, better deco) 1
Captain Marvel [Mar-Vell] 1
Carnage [Mark Bagley] 1
Centurius 1
Circuit-Breaker 1
Collen Wing [Netflix] 1
Copperhead 1
Cottonmouth (Netflix) 1
Cul the Serpent 1
Cyber 1
Cyclops [AoA] 1
Cyclops [Astonishing] 1
Cyclops [New X-Men] 1
Cypher 1
Damian Hellstorm 1
Dan Ketch/Ghost Rider [90’s version] 1
Danger 1
Darkstar 1
Davos [Steel Phoenix] 1
Dawn Greenwood (Silver Surfer’s partner) 1
Dazzler (punk) 1
Dazzler [90’s] 1
Deadpool [Pirate] 1
Death Adder 1
Debrii 1
Demogoblin 1
Destroyer 1
Devil Dinosaur 1
D-Man 1
Doc Samson 1
Doctor Spectrum 1
Doctor Strange (The Oath costume) 1
Domino [90s X-Force] 1
Doom 2099 1
Doombots 1
Doop 1
Dora Milaje 1
Dough Boy [Marvel team up 137] 1
Dr. Druid 1
Drax (classic cape) 1
Dreadknight 1
Dum Dum Dugan [Howling Commandos] 1
Ebony Maw [MCU] 1
El Aguila 1
Elsa Bloodstone [Monsters Unleashed] 1
Enigma [Aikku Jokinen] 1
Eros 1
Fabian Cortez 1
Fallen one 1
Fang (Classic I.G.) 1
Fantomex 1
Firebird 1
First avenger Captain America 1
Fixer 1
Flag-Smasher 1
Foggy Nelson [netflix] 1
Forbush Man 1
Franken-Castle 1
Frankenstein 1
Franklin Richards 1
Frenzy 1
Freya [comics] 1
Gamora 1
Gargoyle [Isaac Christians] 1
Generation X (the original team in original suits) 1
Ghost rider 2099 1
Gorgolla 1
Graydon Creed 1
Grizzly 1
Gwenom 1
Halloween Jack 1
Hammerhead 1
Havol [AoA] 1
Hawkeye [Byrne] 1
Hawkeye [Old Man Logan] 1
Hawkeye [t-Shirt] 1
Hercules 1
Hit monkey 1
Hornet 1
Hulk [Merged] 1
Human Torch [Golden Age] 1
Husk 1
Hybrid [Scott Washington] 1
Hydra Bob 1
Hypno-Hustler 1
Ikaris 1
Ikonn [Spaceknight] 1
Impossible Man 1
In-between Bruce Banner and Hulk 1
Iron Fist [Heroes For Hire] 1
Iron Man [House of M] 1
Iron Man [Modular Armor] 1
IronClad 1
Isaiah Bradley 1
J Jonah Jameson 1
Jackal [Clone Saga] 1
Jane Foster [young, comics] 1
Jean Grey [Frank Quitely] 1
Jimmy Hudson ( Ultimate wolverines son) 1
Johnny Blaze [90’s version] 1
Jolt 1
Joseph Wade Scarlet Spider 1
Joystick 1
JR Walker Shotgun 1
Julie Power [Power Pack] 1
Kid Omega 1
Kilgrave [Netflix] 1
Killraven 1
Korg 1
Kree Soldiers 1
Lady Bullseye 1
Lady hydra 1
Lady Mastermind 1
Lady Shiklah 1
Leader 1
Leap Frog 1
Leonardo Da Vinci [S.H.I.E.L.D] 1
Lizard (First appearance) 1
Logan (young with his bike) 1
Lyra 1
M 1
Mach-1 1
Machete 1
Machinesmith 1
Mach-IV 1
Madame Gao [Netflix Daredevil] 1
Madame Hydra (a re-do) 1
Maelstrom 1
Maggot 1
Magique 1
Magneto [AoA] 1
Man Wolf 1
Mandarin/Trevor(Ben Kingsley from MCU) 1
Manspider 1
Mantra [classic] 1
Marvel Zombies 1
Master Mind 1
Master of the World 1
Menace [Brand New Day] 1
Meteorite 1
Mettle 1
Miek 1
Mighty Thor [Bearded] 1
Miles Morales 1
Miracleman 1
Mirage 1
Mockingbird [Classic] 1
Morgan Le Fey 1
Mr. Fish 1
Mr. Immortal 1
Mr. Sinister [AoA] 1
Ms. Marvel [Classic] 1
Namor [Phoenix 5] 1
Namora 1
Nekra 1
Neutron (Classic I.G.) 1
Night Crawler 1
Night Hawk 1
No 1
Noh-varr 1
Obnoxio the Clown [Deadpool Back In Black] 1
Oddball 1
Odin [MCU – Anthony Hopkins] 1
old man Logan [Logan] 1
Omega Sentinel 1
Omega The Unknown 1
Oracle 1
Orb 1
Orson Randall [MCU] 1
Overdrive 1
Ozymandias 1
Plantman [cape and mask] 1
Porcupine 1
Pork Grind 1
Predator X 1
Prime 1
Princess Python 1
Prototype [Ruiz] 1
Psyklop [classic Hulk/Avengers villain] 1
Puff Adder 1
Punisher (Thunderbolts) 1
Punisher [Bradstreet] 1
Punisher [The Punisher MAX] 1
Punisher [War Machine Armor] 1
Punisher 2099 1
Puppet Master 1
Purple Man [Netflix] 1
Pymtron 1
Quentin Quire 1
Rachel Van Helsing [Tomb of Dracula] 1
Rainbow [Spaceknight] 1
Rattler 1
Red Guardian II [Tanya Belinsky] 1
Red Hulk 1
Red King 1
Red Skull 1
Reignfire 1
Reptil 1
Reptilla 1
Rick Jones 1
Ricochet 1
Riot 1
Robbie Reyes 1
Rockslide 1
Rogue [AoA] 1
Rogue [Eighties] 1
Rogue [Legacy] 1
Ruby Thursday 1
Sage [X-treme X-men] 1
Sasquatch 1
Scarecrow 1
Scarlet Witch (modern) 1
Scarlet Witch Force Works 1
Scarlett Witch [MCU] 1
Scorn 1
Scourge [Classic] 1
Screaming Mimi 1
Sersi 1
Shanna the She-Devil 1
Sharon Carter (MCU) 1
She-Hulk (Fantastic Four) 1
Shiklah 1
Shocker (MCU) 1
Shroud 1
Shuma-Gorath [MvC3] 1
Shuri 1
Sidewinder 1
Silhouette [New Warriors] 1
Silk 1
Sinister [modern] 1
Skullfire 1
Skurge the Executioner 1
Smythe [90’s] 1
Solo 1
Son of Satan 1
Spectrum [modern] variant 1
Speed 1
Spider Slayer [Classic] 1
Spider-Man [1602] 1
Spider-Man [Armor] 1
Sprite 1
Stan Lee 1
Starbolt 1
Starbrand 1
Stardust 1
Star-Lord[ANAD GOTG] 1
Stature 1
Steel Serpent 1
Steel-Spider 1
Stepford Cuckoo 1
Stinger 1
Sugar Man 1
Sun Girl 1
Superior Carnage 1
Superior Spider Man [First Suit] 1
Syrin 1
Tabitha Smith [Meltdown costume] 1
Tarantula 1
Taskmaster[udon] 1
Techno 1
Tempest (Classic I.G.) 1
Tempus 1
Thanos [classic] 1
The Brothers Grimm 1
The Hand [Ninja troop builder] 1
The Maker [Ultimate Reed Richards] 1
The Mandarin [Acts of Vengeance] 1
The Orphan (Mr. Sensitive) 1
The Reader 1
The Spot 1
The Stranger 1
Thor [Esad Ribic] 1
Thunderer 1
Titan BAF (Classic I.G.) 1
Tony Stark 1
Uatu The Watcher 1
Ultron [classic] 1
Ulysses 1
Umar 1
Vanguard 1
Varnae 1
Venom [X-23] 1
Veranke [skrull queen] 1
Vermin 1
Vindicator [Heather Hudson] 1
Vintage packaging Hulk 1
Vulcan 1
War Wolves 1
Wasp (Modern) 1
Wasp [Nadia Van Dyne] 1
Watcher 1
Werewolf by night 1
Whiplash [MCU] 1
White Fox 1
White Tiger (Kasper Cole) 1
Whizzer 1
Widget 1
Wild Thing [Rina Logan] 1
Wilson Fisk 1
Winter Soldier [Thunderbolts] 1
Wolverine [AoA] 1
Wonder Man [1st appearance] 1
Wong 1
WW2 Captain America 1
X-Cutioner 1
Xorn 1
Yellow Jacket [comic] 1
Zoe Zimmer [pink hair streaks] 1




89 thoughts on “Official Fwoosh 2017 Marvel Legends Top Ten Poll Results

  1. Ah-har, great minds! The set makes so much sense and, honestly, the reveal of Spectrum’s sculpt at SDCC’16 led me to believe The Ultimates would be the ’17 exclusive (given the history of revealed WIP sculpts being in the following year’s set as seen with Magik and Abomination). Unfortunately, twas not to be! There’s always next year..

  2. Yeah! With what the original goes for, I don’t blame you… And I have got the original,so no judgement.

  3. Agreed! I’d buy that in milliseconds! Big fan of the Blue Marvel: the guy is an omega level hero.
    Adam is a living antimatter reactor! We need that on shelves and our displays!

  4. Up voted for reading my thoughts through my ring’s psychic shields! Or just reading my posts/fan votes…lol… I’ve been wishing for a set like that for years! Glad see that there is a demand for it.

  5. Hahaha! Yeah.😄
    You do realize some X-Men are Avengers,and some Avengers are X-Men?😊

  6. That’s what I’ve been doing from beginning. It’s reason cut& paste exist. Lol

  7. Hey, what can I say it’s ok,but you’re welcome!” To quote a certain hook wielding demigod from Moana. Seriously,Captain Monica Marvel is to the Avengers what Storm is to the X-Men,and she needs to be recognized as such.
    I plan on getting the A-Force set eventually,but I still vote for her because she needs proper representation in Every uniform she’s ever had.
    I voted for Brother Voodoo, Misty Knight, and White Tiger; all classic characters I’ve championed on the fwoosh marvel legends poll until Hasbro finally created some of my wishes.😁,I’ve had to find alternate candidates.
    One Love
    Bless ☝

    Blue Marvel

    Captain Marvel II/Photon[classic]/Spectrum [modern] variant
    [Monica Rambeau]

    Falcon [classic comic]




    Moon Girl

    Sun Girl

    Power man [Victor Alvarez]





  8. man people are dumb. only one new character made it to the top ten? and can we get over this x-men craze? it’s not the 90’s anymore!

  9. I don’t know if you can make a better Jim Lee Beast than the ML4 one. It was even before they did ball jointed hips in ML5, like ML1 Iron Man and some others, it fits in better with today’s MLs too.
    And only one other person wants an Echo? Aw.

  10. I’d just like to thank the other 4 people who voted for Monica. It’s an uphill battle, but you never know.

  11. So much love for mutants, they could do another X-men classics series based on this poll alone lol

  12. I can’t believe you went through the whole list! bravo!

    while there is overwhelming evidence that the X-Men have more figures, the caveat is that most of them were made by Toy Biz. After the disappointment of X-Men: Origins Wolverine, the ML line died and then they were revived without the X-Men. So Avengers, Spider-Man, Guardians, and other characters of the Marvel Universe got their spotlight. Now, X-Men is slowly rebuilding itself, especially after the Juggernaut wave. so naturally, with an X-Men drought and only one wave per year, the demand for re-dos is strong and will be that way for at least a couple more years. Avengers and other properties owned by Marvel Studios will have plenty of space for checking off wish lists, as those properties must be separate from the X-Men lines. Each toy line is stronger as separate entities and helps fulfill everyone’s wishlist faster.

  13. How did I miss this year’s poll?! after SDCC, I was going to make a thread entitled, “State of the Fwoosh 2017 Marvel Legends Top Ten Poll,” but I completely forgot. It was going to address the very issue I see here–that much of the the Top 10 will be the same as last year because the X-Men wave had not yet been revealed. I guess we can just subtract the one’s that have been checked off the list (Storm and Psylocke). Storm will still be on my list because I want the FA or Jim Lee version.

  14. @badguy543:disqus @jackthecb:disqus The Might Avengers looks is my favorite but I really really want an alternate masked head, even though it doesn’t go with that costume. A damaged mask would be amazing too. Honestly, he doesn’t need many accessories. Just fists and then give him 3 heads and I’d preorder it in an instant.

  15. Yes the Tombstone buck would a great base, and as for his costume, I am a sucker for his Mighty Avengers look (which would be dead easy for Hasbro to make), but whatever version of him we get I’d be happy with.

  16. definitely not my preferred look for BM but its a really good idea. I think I’d like to see him on the Tombstone buck without the collar. America Chavez never even occurred to me but she’d be a fantastic edition. Would be an awesome box set that’d probably be a nightmare con exclusive.

  17. Rachel, Nate and Theresa need all the support/votes they can get. I won’t rest until at least armoured Rachel is released!

  18. Wiccan/Demiurge and Hulkling in any capacity would be incredible, but Teddy in particular would be difficult for Hasbro to do right. None of the bodies really suit him, and any figure of him without his wings just wouldn’t feel right..

  19. It would make sense for Hasbro to release an Ultimates box set. Re deco T’Challa (or a new one on the Spider UK body?), re deco Captain Marvel with ANAD costume, translucent Spectrum variant, with Blue Marvel and America Chavez as new figures. Simple!

  20. Magneto already has 6+ figures
    Storm already has 5 figures
    Beast already has 4 figures
    Gambit already has 3 figures
    Psylocke already has 3 figures
    Colossus already has 4 figures
    Cyclops already has 6+ figures
    Night crawler has 3 figures
    Professor X has 4 figures
    Angel has 4+ figures
    Jean Grey has 5 figures
    Iceman has 4 figures
    mystique has 3 figures
    Rogue has 3 figs
    Sabertooth has 4+
    Quicksilver has 2
    Scarlet Witch has 3
    Kitty has 2
    Havok has 2
    Cable has 4
    Dead pool has 6+
    Bishop has 2
    Daken has 2
    X23 has 2
    Capt britian has 2
    Emma frost has 3
    Sunfire has 2
    Warpath has 2
    Wolverine has 20+
    Forge, Polaris, shatterstar, banshee, jubilee, long shot, cannonball, domino, vindicator, hope, Rachel summers, warlock, danger, magik, phantomex, all have one.

    How do xmen get the shaft?

    Dr Doom has 6+
    Doc Ock has 4
    Kingpin has 2

    Ill give you 1st app storm is a need but I generally don’t care about multiple outfits on the same character, I think calling it “Legends” should warrant the original costume to begin with!

    If you want xmen, how about…… Mimic, Thunderbird, Meagan w/ widget, snowbird, North Star and aurora, arcade, shadow king, new mutants, xfactor, hellfire club, legion, and even though I don’t care about newer characters there’s about a billion xmen nubies from the 2000’s you could make instead of this same old crap! Vote for characters that have slimmer chances than top tier characters that corporate will push for anyway.

  21. Serious means you already have those characters, casual means you waste votes on shit that’s already been made? Whether you been in it since the beginning or not, all this stuff is still readily available on the secondary market.

  22. Genuinely glad Hasbro doesn’t completely listen to what people want, if it were up to these votes we’d have the same few Xmen just in different outfits and never any other characters.

  23. In the over-all scheme of things, you’re right. There’s not a lot of X-Men Legends product. But in a poll that should give a variety of what the Marvel Universe has to offer, there are too many X-Men results. Eight…EIGHT! I’d be more comfortable with 3 X-Men, 3 Avengers, 1 Defender, 2 Spider-Man and 1 B-List character results. But that’s just me.

  24. Did this list come out before Hascon or After Hascon… at least it could mention that Psylocke and Storm are already getting releases… so those who voted storm will be happy… what surprises me is that its just an xmen list minus squirel girl and doc oct…

  25. “Think about those of us in it since the beginning.”
    “the serious collectors are doomed to make way for casual buyers who come and go”

    So what exactly makes someone “serious” as opposed to “casual”? Is it only those who’ve been collecting since the Toy Biz era? Do you you realize that there are new collectors who put just as much time and money into this hobby as you did back in the good ole’ days? A lot of them haven’t even had a FIRST chance to get most of the characters that made the list. As someone who has also been collecting since the beginning, I’d really like to know who makes the cut.

  26. Except for 1st App. Storm, None of my Top 10 list made the cut (again). I’m probably not even going to bother voting for these things in the future. They should just change the title to “Vote for the Top 10 X-Men Marvel Legends you want to see made.” That would really make things simpler and save some time.

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