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Jim Pansen Creations: Not Yet Dead Head Pack

Jim Pansen Creations makes highly detailed, original, ready to use add-on pieces for Masters of the Universe Classics and Mythics Legions. Today we are going to take a look at the “Not Yet Dead Head Pack” featuring three skeleton heads for use with Mythic Legions action figures.

One of the joys of Mythic Legions for me is building a Skeleton Warrior army, so this head pack is right up my alley. You get three skeleton heads of varying levels of decay, and they add a nice variety to a skeleton army.

I think my favorite one is the half-decomposed, zombie-like head. He’s got a nice level of gore detail and the lanky black hair adds a nice layer of slimey grossness to him.

My second favorite is this guy with the busted teeth and slight beard. I like there is some vestiges of tissue inside the eye socket. It’s another great/gross level of detail.

Finally, the skeleton with the helm is my least favorite, but still fantastic. I like that it’s a more standard “clean” skeleton wearing some different head gear. The helmet has a cool metal texture, and I appreciate that each skull has its own unique features and doesn’t reuse any of the 4H sculpts.

The paint is really great with lots of dark black wash to bring out the groovy skeletal detail.

If you have a 4H skeleton army, this set is a must have. They really add a lovely variety to the skeletal goodness.

To order, hit up Jim Pansen Creations of Facebook. You can also pick just one of the heads or get unpainted versions to finish yourself.

2 thoughts on “Jim Pansen Creations: Not Yet Dead Head Pack

  1. These heads are fantastic. And your pictures are even better. I’m curious if you have a review lined up for Keltuss coming up soon based on that one cool photo you put up of him facing off against Adammon in your Power Con coverage. He was the only one I could afford during the coliseum pre-order and of course it’s because it’s​ my favorite of the wave. So I’m really looking forward to your photo shoot.

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