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HasCon 2017: Star Wars Black Series Booth Day 1

Like the Marvel Legends shelves, most of the Star Wars Black Series display is stuff we knew about but dang does that Dewback look good. And I didn’t realize just how big the Snoke figure is when compared to other figures.

Can I have the Rebel Trooper now, rather than later? Again, special thanks to RoCk for sending the pictures along!

16 thoughts on “HasCon 2017: Star Wars Black Series Booth Day 1

  1. The CGI Dewbacks had shockingly thin legs, like they’d not support the weight. These look more realistic, thicker.

  2. Hasbro’s displaying that Jakku Finn as if we haven’t been seeing it at every store in the world for the past two years lol.

  3. Wait, are they rereleasing Jakku Finn??? WHY?? That version pegwarmed for sooo long, and that’s not even what he wears in this movie! Unless they’re not rereleasing it, but then, why is it displayed there?

  4. There is Emperor Snookie, or cookie or whatever he is. Looks nice, but might skip to to SW burnout.

    Going to retailers, Star Wars just lost the appeal due to over exposure sadly. The new figures especially are problematic. The old figures based on the originals seem to still be the best draw and that is where my money will go.

    At least we have the Dewback. Come on X-Wing, Luke needs it.

  5. This is all well and good for 6 inch collectors but I’m hoping for some news on the super articulated 3.75 inch Vintage Collection line.

  6. I’ve held off on the vehicles so far (I went out and saw both speeders but they were a bit too much) but that dewback will probably be a case of “I can’t pay for it right now” for why I might not get it as soon as I see it.

  7. Poor Kylo. Imagine having to look up at a house-sized projection of Snoke in that bathrobe, and suddenly, he crosses his legs…

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