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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series The Last Jedi Kylo Ren

Force Friday was back in, well, full FORCE this year, and as Kylo Ren will be taking a major role in The Last Jedi, you knew Hasbro would be ready with an all new Black Series figure of everyone’s favorite dad stabber.

Since I was able to get the Rey and Luke preview set at SDCC back in July, Kylo was actually only TLJ figure I picked up on Force Friday II. Sure, I preordered a lot of stuff and picked up other Black Series figures like Hera, but since this was the lone figure actually in the movie FFII was supporting, I figured I needed to take a look at him. Ren’s overall look is still positively black, but his costume has changed pretty significantly since The Force Awakens, so it gives us chance to get an all new look for lil’ Ben. Plus, if the trailers and this figure are any indication, Kylo will be spending a lot more time in this movie without his now iconic helmet.

Like may SWB figures, the is Kylo Ren is very serviceable. I know that is not the most enthusiastic way to refer to it right out of the gate, but overall, this is a nice figure, if not kind of forgettable. We have not made it to point when Hasbro will be using the “photo real tech” for this SWB faces, so while this figure makes a fine companion for that TLJ Rey I got a couple of months ago, I have to say I was a little underwhelmed by the TLJ figures so far. That might have a lot do do with the overall character designs, but I kind of miss the droids and aliens we have been accustomed to seeing in the Star Wars universe.

I like this figure over past Kylo offerings instantly because there are no soft goods present, but when it comes to design, I am not sure if I like this look better or the one from TFA. On the one hand, this has a more regal and “officer of the First Order” feel to it, but that means it has less of “Force follower” look. Maybe the regimented and military aspect of the First Order will be more strongly featured in the next film, or maybe I am looking too much into it. Either way, it is hard to deny the similarities to FO and old Empire Officers, and that new cape probably has a lot to do with it. Gone are the robes and scarf, and now Kylo has an elegant cape that recalls the one Director Krennic wore in Rogue One. The cape holds in place well resting on Kylo’s shoulders and since it is made of plastic, it has a more nature flow look to it. I know, soft good supporters will bemoan the loss of movement due to it, but the figure actually poses well, even in saber duel stances, with it on.

I mentioned the mediocre face paint we have come to expect on this figure already, but do I have to say that Kylo made out better than his Rey counterpart from what I have seen thus far, and it looks like there is, as usual, a very nice sculpt hiding under there. I seriously cannot wait until Spring of 2018 when the new paint technique takes hold because this figure could have really benefitted from it. The simple eyes and slightly wild eyebrows are typical, but this figure is sporting the face scar given to him by Rey at the end of Awakens, and here, it looks more like an afterthought. I know it will not be gruesome or anything like that in the movie, but the thing pink line on the right side of the face could have been a lot better, which is a shame.

I will say that I find the lightsaber and accompanying hilt, as well as the articulation scheme, to be big winners with this figure. The previous Hasbro Kylo sabers (especially that first one with the weird cross guard effect) pale in comparison to this one (after I straighten out the blade), so bravo to Hasbro for that one. The articulation works so much better on this figure than on other SWB Kylos, and while the more streamlined costume has something to do with that, I think the engineering and range of movement are just better. I find the mark of a good saber-wielding figure to be quality and quantity of two-handed saber poses they can achieve, and this figure has a lot. We have not really gotten a glimpse at Kylo (or anyone) fighting in this film yet, but I am sure there will be a dramatic duel, and this figure looks to be able to recreate just about anything they (reasonably) throw at us.

This Kylo is a fine figure, and for a mass market offering, it will  be a completely acceptable representation for most collections. For me, though, this figure will work like most SWB figures in that it will stand in for now, and then be replaced by the S.H. Figuarts version when it releases in November. I know that is somewhat unfair, especially if you compare price points, but this figure was already a bridesmaid before I even owned it. If the new face painting technique is as good as what the Marvel Legends team is doing, I just might be able to pick and choose more discriminately when it comes to having to plunk down the cash for expensive Japanese figures. Like I said, a fine figure if not spectacular.

You can get this figure right now at a discount from Amazon.

9 thoughts on “Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series The Last Jedi Kylo Ren

  1. Oh, yeah. That looks tons better. It’s a very bland costume, sort of a grudging bare-minimum nod to past force-user fashion…

    Adam Driver seems to be the ‘Hayden Christensen’ of the new trilogy, so anything that covers his face is an improvement.

  2. I’ve been out twice since Force Friday and he was one of the first ones I saw. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I think it’s the cape. After the one they gave his grandfather, seeing him with a plastic one is… disappointing.

  3. @cjesim has a clothe cape that vastly improves this figure.

    I do want to try this figure with the helmted head.

  4. This figure is made much, much better when you switch the Adam Driver head for the last Kylo Ren figure’s helmeted head. Without the helmet, it’s just a very boring character design. Star Wars villains need to have unique, badass designs, but this look is too much like a plain Imperial officer. The cape also seems silly, the way it just sits on his shoulders. It seems like a blanket he draped over himself as an after-thought The Kylo Ren character design in The Force Awakens checked all the right boxes. This one completely misses the mark of what a Star Wars villain needs to have, I think.

    That said, as the reviewer notes, both the articulation and the build itself are a lot better for this figure than the last Black Series ones. The last Kylo Ren figures were a bit scrawny and cartoony underneath the soft goods robes, and the plastic scarf really hindered posing.

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