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Hasbro: HASCON Marvel Legends Reveals

It looks like the first HASCON was a success, and there were definitely some cool Marvel Legends reveals, and now we have the official press images to see everything nice and pretty.

Man, that next X-Men wave is already looking like it could be the best yet. I cannot wait.

Black Panther Legends

Marvel Legends Riders

Deadpool Legends

Avengers and Spider-Man Legends

X-Men Legends

Wal-Mart Exclusive Thanos

46 thoughts on “Hasbro: HASCON Marvel Legends Reveals

  1. Hi, sorry to reply to an old post. Just wanted to let you know that a lot of the ex-aicn talkbackers are over at The Man Who Saved Movies now if you want to check it out.

  2. No one is irredeemably awful. Bad writing happens. But the character’s popularity speaks for itself

  3. I mean, I’ve kept up to date on the story, but I never actually paid money and read the damned thing. Civil War II is a giant mess where everyone acts out of character; that’s standard event comic nonsense, especially for Bendis, but ramped up to 11. It’s every stupid, meaningless trick involved with writing event comics placed loudly on display.

    Secret Empire is worse because it takes a character- no, CENTERS around a character- created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, two Jewish men who created this character SPECIFICALLY TO PUNCH HITLER- and made him into an Actual, Literal Nazi.

    “It wasn’t the real Cap!” “Hydra isn’t Nazis!” These are irrelevant statements made by idiots to make excuses for offensive garbage writing. Secret Empire is the second worst selling event in Marvel history (beat out by AXIS… for some reason. I keep forgetting that story exists.) and it completely failed to boost sales of its tie-in series. And while I usually don’t point to financial success to gauge the quality of stories, it’s a stupid metric in any case, the fact of the matter is Secret Empire hit Marvel where it hurts, in the wallet, and I sincerely hope it’s a wound that bleeds for a while, because I’ve HAD IT with their manipulative trash.

  4. It sounds like most of us have at least kept up to date with the story.

    It was bad. It was worse than Secret Empire in my mind. Secret Empire was bad because of all the hype and that this was “the real cap”. But had the story not been reported on, it would be ok. Civil War II was an out of character mess. Carol, she-hulk, and Hawkeye as prime examples

  5. Why do ‘feminists’ feel the right to be rude and condescending to others?
    I love female characters, that’s why I had to block that girl. She takes something I love and turns it into a bitter platform from which to abuse other toy fans.

  6. haha, wow! i sure do love this exciting news about a hobby i treasure, directly linked to one of the most influential fictional universes i’ve ever divulged in! too bad literally every single post about marvel legends devolves into man-children whining about how they can’t jerk it to carol danvers and how spider-gwen is causing global warming, though

  7. Brian Michael Bendis: I have written Civil War II, the worst event comic in the history of our company.
    Rick Remender: I’ve written the most critically blasted Captain America run in the last ten years.
    Nick Spencer: hold my beer

  8. I’m not sure if I can name the site here, but someone found listings on amazon for Magneto, Sabretooth, Gladiator, and Multiple Man, as well as the other confirmed figures in this wave. Time will tell if these actually get produced or not. There have been cases where things have been listed that never saw the light of day.

  9. The plot of Civil War II can be boiled down to this: Tony Stark has seen Minority Report, and Carol Danvers has not. They fight over this.

  10. Fair enough. 🙂 I’m probably most excited for punk Storm but King Cobra is high on that list, I really want as much of the Society as possible as well. I do think we will see Diamondback before too long as well for that reason, not much tooling needed.

    Good point.

    I could see them mostly repainting/retooling one of the larger female bucks for Anaconda, then just tooling a new head and some alternate elongated arms, so I could see it happening, maybe in an exclusive or multipack though. Bushmaster though would be a tough one for sure.

  11. They look pretty good! Storm looks derpy, and her mohawk is too scraggly…should have used her previous Jubilee Wave head.

    Psylocke is ugly, the body is okay, but the head sculpt looks like Ming the Merciless. This is one time I wish Hasbro would have reused old heads (psylocke and storm). Still glad to finally be able to try and get a less expensive Psylocke.

  12. Agree to disagree then hehe.

    It was. I didn’t think Marvel events would be able to get any worse but then came Secret Empire which managed it lol.

  13. It did, and Carols stance was completely out of character. Civil War II was rubbish. But Stark is still an irredeemably awful character.

  14. While I disagree on that second point, I’ll give you that one. He absolutely did.

    Also, Civil War II was godawful.

  15. As much as I hated Tony in CW1, in CW2 he’s portrayed much more believably, especially when contrasted with the pig-headed militaristic dogmatism of Carol. CW2 writers really went out of their way to make her out to be the idiot “villain” imo. It feels too forced to be honest.

  16. I’m hoping that as well, but I already have the Toybiz bike, so I might give the new one to Danny, at least until they make a good version of his actual bike. Then I might give this new one to… well, in my head-canon, the blue-flamed Ghost Rider from the Terrax wave is a new villain, since Ghost Rider has so few of them. I made him a sword with a blade of blue fire, I guess I’ll just have to figure out a way to get blue flames for the bike.

  17. As an “overly sensitive fanboy”, let me say that I welcome Mohawk Storm. I even like the Faux-Hawk Carol was sporting for a while.

    Somehow, Spider-Woman’s new costume looks better to me in plastic than it does on the page. Still not a huge fan of veteran heroes with costumes that look homemade, but that ones not bad.

  18. I’m hoping the silly skull piece can be removed from Johnny’s bike like the older Toy Biz one as well.

  19. Um, King Cobra is not part of the Spider-Man wave, he is part of next year’s Avengers one. Regardless, he is so damn bad ass.

    I liked some of the reveals, but I’m not happy with the Storm choice. The first appearance costume has yet to make an appearance. WTF?

    I like the Wolverine and Psylocke is cool (although I really want to see her Fall of the Mutants British incarnation at some point).

    Apocalypse is looking amazing.

    On the other hand, I have no interest in Black Bolt or that new Iron Man. I have no interest in Spider-Woman Over Burnside either, but since I will be getting the whole wave for Lizard, it doesn’t matter.

    I may end up getting Thanos if I actually see himi. Walmarts around here don’t like getting in their exclusives. I’ve yet to see Black Panther, Winter Soldier, and Falcon.

  20. I’m actually MOST excited for King Cobra because I want as much of the Society as possible. Diamondback seems like the biggest gimme of them because she’s the biggest name and she also requires little (possibly even no, knowing Hasbro) new tooling.

    Klaus’s big cape is a little heartening also because one of my concerns about getting the society is a number of them have fairly large physical features that would require substantial new tooling–Death Adder’s fin, Rattler’s tail (although he and Scorpion could share a lot of parts).

    Admittedly, I worry they won’t do Anaconda or Bushmaster at all because the former’s a whole new sculpt and the latter has a giant snake tail instead of legs, but most of the others are fairly easy to do.

  21. Really impressed with the reveals at Hascon, especially since SDCC wasn’t too long ago, and we still have MCU Black Panther reveals at NYCC to look forward to.

    ANAD Iron Man is welcome, going to enjoy posing him so Captain Marvel his kicking his arse.

    Seeing the Shuri two pack confirmed is great as well, and Shuri looks just about perfect. Klaw looks fine.

    Paladin is meh, not going to hurt to have a generic looking goon type figure.

    I am REALLY excited for King Cobra, hopefully a harbinger for more Serpent Society to come. Diamondback please Hasbro.
    Spider-woman looks fantastic, I didn’t expect to get her modern costume any time soon.

    Blue and yellow wolverine looks superb, as does punk Storm. So happy about that, I didn’t expect to get another mohawk look since oversensitive fanboys tend to mess their pants with oturage whenever a non-feminine look comes up.
    Pyslocke looks wonderful too, and properly Asian for once, well done Hasbro.

    Apocalypse looks brilliant too, a lot nicer than the preview images at SDCC indicated in my opinion and Thanos is a huge improvement over the older version. amazing what the smart use of paint does for a figure.

  22. Great showing from Hasbro, I’m digging the x men legends, as its the marvel sub line that gets bought or preordered as soon as I see them. Psylocke is needed, and I’m glad to get storm, even though that era would’ve been my third choice, but she’ll go great with Cyclops and brown and tan Logan.
    The riders I’m not big on, and my stance hasn’t changed on them since sdcc. It’s great for new collectors or for folks who want them, but I could do without vehicles. Paladin looks cool, as does the whole deadpool wave, and I’m hoping warpath Sneaks into that wave too.
    King cobra is cool, mysterio is a dream come true, as I hate and i do mean hate the toy biz era figure!
    I haven’t read alot of newer comics over the last few years, probably since the first civil war, and darkest night, those were my jumping off points from buying a multitude of titles, though recently I’ve been reading batman and nightwing (rebirth) dc has got something really good going there, but with that being said I’m really digging x men gold and x men blue. Look at the diverse changes they’ve done to those characters…iceman is gay, which at first I was kinda upset because he was always a womanizer, and a playboy so to speak, but honestly I think the way that character is written could appeal to kids/teenagers who are going through similar events in their life, and I applaud marvel/Disney for that. Beast studying magic, Cyclops not being cocky and sure of himself, and I’m in love with Jean grey all over again…my point is there’s nothing wrong with marvel wanting to show some real world situations in their books…as for Carol danvers…i haven’t read her newest title I have a few from the last volume, but nothing from the current, but you have to remember she was originally brought in as a military character, which is a strong character archtype/role. If they’ve made her less busty and more masculine it does work with her character type, though I’ve always thought she was to super model looking…though that’s only my humble opinion

  23. Yeah the only the largest female bucks have bicep swivel. But they’re redundant because of the elbow swivel

  24. nice to see storm and pylocke getting some ml love again since storm in the jubilee wave was hard to find. plus loving the ghost rider and black widow bikes hope it leads to like a cap on a bike or maybe even a quinjet for ml .

  25. It was until Carol Danvers went and killed Tony or put him in a coma or some dumb crap and now he’s not Iron Man anymore so the figure’s already dated and irrelevant.

  26. OMG I can’t wait for that X-Men wave! Apocalypse is my favorite X-baddie and he looks amazing. Tiger-stripe wolvie and Psylocke, yes please. Storm is the only one I’m not crazy about, just not my favorite version of her. Any rumors on the others in the wave?

  27. Cool! Been needing a retro Storm as well as a Psylocke… Wish they would do some sort of wash effect on her… the blue in her outfit looks kinda flat…

  28. They don’t normally build the bicep swivels into the female bucks. They have rotation at the elbow joint.

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