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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Space Battleship Yamato Starblazers 2202 Yuki Mori

Starblazers is another one of those “back in my day” anime series that I had the pleasure of watching on TV, sometimes through regular TV and other times Telemundo. Yuki Mori, or Nova, is the first S.H. Figuart action from the series, and she is perfect.

I touched on Starblazers, or Space Battleship Yamato, a while ago with the IQ-9 1:12 model kit review, and this time around I have the pleasure of reviewing Yuki Mori. Before that, a brief history for those needing a reminder. In Japan, Space Battleship Yamato was released in 1974, a year after I was born. It lasted a year and spawned movies, sequels, and merchandise. The series made its way to the U.S. and was wildly popular. Like a lot of ’70s anime, it doesn’t really hold up, but it’s a good watch and fun seeing.

Yuki starts off as the ship’s nurse, and she and Analyzer (IQ-9) provide off-color comic relief. Eventually she becomes the crew’s best fighter pilot and turns into a generally badass character.

The figure features Yuki in her yellow uniform. She comes with multiple hands, a gun, two holsters, and a tablet — a lot of good accessories and relevant to pretty much any period in the anime. She comes with a total of three interchangeable faces, but no fighter pilot helmet, which seems odd since she is the ace pilot.

The figure is another top-notch delivery from S.H. Figuarts. The sculpt on Yuki is amazing and she definitely looks like she popped right out of the anime. Her costume is based on the recent 2202 series from this year. It’s a great update of the classic costume. Bandai continues to nail the head sculpts for the anime properties, and they make the hair look fabulous. The hair is, once again, among the better parts of the figure.

The articulation is par for the S.H. Figuarts course. This is hand candy and fun to play with. However, the small-heeled feet make her a challenge to pose. And before anyone freaks out, my dislike of the heels stems from the difficulty in posing her.

As a toy, this is a great figure and definitely worth picking up. As this is the first Starblazers action figure on the market, it goes without saying that you should pick her up, IF you like and love the series. You can get her today here:


5 thoughts on “Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Space Battleship Yamato Starblazers 2202 Yuki Mori

  1. Oh man Yamato 2199 and the 2202 sequel are some of the most amazing animated space stories i can think of. They take everything great about the original and modernise it while not losing what made the original great. Hunt down and watch 2199 if you can it’s SO GOOD!

  2. I have this on the way, and I hope they make more of the cast, but now I absolutely have to get that AU-09 now, because he’s such a good pairing w Nova.

  3. A SH Figuarts of Yuki hopefully implies we’ll be getting Kodai as well.
    Captain Okita would be amazing too.

  4. My only complaint is the way the ab joint looks, with it being separated just below the boobies, it really calls attention to the boobies. Not that I can think of a better way to handle that joint.


    This figure makes me wish Figuarts would tackle some Gundam characters. I would love SHF versions of Char and Amuro and Sayla.

  5. I friggin’ love this figure and I really hope we get a shot at most of the main cast. I would hate for these to go the way of Lupin and be one Goemon short of the main crew…

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