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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Sandman Series Green Goblin

I don’t like this Green Goblin, and I’ll get vilified for that, maybe. But of all the Hasbro Marvel Legends updates of late, the ToyBiz figure still stands out as the best. It’s not that the Hasbro version is bad, or awful, but that original ToyBiz figure is just … the Green Goblin.

Hasbro’s new Green Goblin is a reuse of the Hobgoblin base figure; everything is pretty much the same except for the new head and glider. Otherwise, Hobgoblin. The head looks to be based on Huberto Ramos’ art, probably from recent runs on Spider-Man. It’s a good head sculpt and captures the artwork, but it’s not “classic.”

And that’s my problem with the figure. Yes, it’s modern. Yes, ts is beautifully sculpted. But it’s not that good old classic Norman Osborne, and it doesn’t fit with the classic look of Pizza Spidey. Maybe I’m old or just — no, I’m old — but I love that old Romita look of the Green Goblin. It’s cartoony and silly, but then so is the Green Goblin, in a homicidal “kill your girlfriend” kind of way. And that is where the ToyBiz figure slays: it captures that old cartoony look.

Hasbro’s update is good. It’s a solid figure and it will replace the ToyBiz version. I’m somewhat on the fence with modding my ToyBiz heads to fit on the new Goblin, or maybe I’ll wait for an eventual 3-pack with a Classic Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker, and the Green Goblin with a pop-up bridge display.

Goblin comes with a glider. The glider is good, solid, it could use a flight stand for better posing, but otherwise it’s solid. Goblin also comes with heads for the Sandman Build-a-Figure.

Verdict, verdict, what’s the verdict? The verdict is this is a good, solid figure that will fit with your current Hasbro Marvel Legends action figures. It is a solid sculpt, a good size, and it has a great modern head sculpt. I definitely recommend the figure, and you can pick him up here:


For your information, there’s been some questions about the late reviews for these figures. They came out late 2016 early 2017 and reviewing them now seems off. For some reason the Fwoosh never got around to reviewing this series, more than likely due to the deluge of product or just laziness. I am late picking up a number of Marvel Legends this year and due to a job change, haven’t been active in reviews. Now that I have this series in hand, it’s time for the reviews.

17 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Sandman Series Green Goblin

  1. I love this figure, but he has the wrong glider and the satchel is on the wrong side. He wears his bag going from his right shoulder to his left side. Hobgoblin is the one that wears it from left to right. As for the glider, that is Jason Macandale’s glider.

  2. I don’t think I have ever read a comic with the Goblin so I don’t know. I do remember him having such an ability in the 90’s cartoon though

  3. ToyBiz one is superior and for interesting reasons.

    This new one includes quite a few touches that should make it great; the sculpted scale armor, the wrinkles on the boots and the dark paint wash on the face.

    However that’s exactly the problem. Where ToyBiz made a dedicated sculpt that was entirely Norman Osborn, Hasbro’s effort is a mix of dedicated pieces and part re-use that contrast more than they highlight.

    The metallic scales would have popped with a wash similar to the face, but without that the pieces look like they come from two different figures. The sculpted detail in the scales is beautiful (and arguably better than the ToyBiz version), but the torso is so smooth and non-descript that it’s jarring where one piece connects to another, which in turn, makes the shoulders look even more over-sized then they already are.

    ToyBiz deserves to hold onto it’s crown here. While many of the older figures now struggle from their dynamic sculpt compared to the modern emphasis on uniformity, Green Goblin is the rare example by ToyBiz of a balanced figure that is greater than the sum of it’s humble parts.

  4. I’m not going to lie, I love this Goblin. I had the previous iteration, and it fit in well in my Spider-Verse display (which is mostly Hasbro figures), but when I got this Goblin, I sold the Toy Biz one, and now this Green Goblin is heading up my Spider-Man villains. I like this figure’s proportions, I like the detailed gloves and boots, and I like the headsculpt.

    That Goblin was specifically based on John Romita Sr. art, and yes, I love his body of work, but I appreciate how this Goblin is a little more “generic”- he’s not necessarily based on the work of a particular artist, although if I had to peg one, I feel like it’s a little less Humberto Ramos (Toy Biz DID make a Ramos Goblin, and it was awesome) and more Giuseppe Camuncoli- which is awesome, because I remember Pizza Spidey coming out roughly when Peter returned as the One True Spider-Man, and that headsculpt is VERY reminiscent of Giuseppe Camuncoli’s classic Spider-Man, especially in the second to last issue of Superior when he made his big return.

  5. glad your back pabs for after all real life is real life . and for the review have to go with the toybiz one mostly due to this upgradded ones costum looking way too dark and like he spilled some of the lizzard formula on him. and love that bit about the goblin spidey gwen bridge pack would not be surprised if hasbro did make that thing a reality and as an exclusive

  6. I thought the toybiz hobgoblin and green goblin both jump right off the pages of the books. Plus the gliders themselves are far superior to the hasbro ones.

    I still like hasbros as well. I just really wanted a Norman head for it or for the colson suit body. What looks really good is using one of Eels electric hands as green goblins shock glove. Does he still use those in the comics?

  7. But that doesn’t apply here. The new GG has just as many sculpted details, and more paint wash.

    My problem with the new one is it has a classic body but newer head. Say the costume details had been shaggier and frayed looking, this would have worked better. But it’s a weird mashup of modern and classic

  8. Yeah, I kinda phoned this in and it turned into a cluster fuck of words. I’d been out at a track and field meet all weekend and came back and was just not clicking.

  9. I just participated in a discussion about Toybiz figures that I prefer over Hasbro and Toybiz figures that still satnd up. I have that bring on the badguys Goblin and Abomination and both still stand. I also have that Sinister 6 Box set one and he doesn’t fare as well. I agree, Toybiz wins, however Hasbro’s Hobgoblin on that body is probably the very best representation of Hobgoblin ever.

  10. I think on the finishing touches like paint washes, little sculpted details; ToyBiz will always come out on top… Granted the body proportions on the old Marvel Legends tend to look super awkward….

  11. Great review! I like this figure quite a bit, but I agree with you on this guy vs the Toy Biz one. The Toy Biz version is just top-notch in my book.

  12. Glad you’re back, Pabs!
    Just wondering about the ordering of the paragraphs. They seem to be all over the place in this, article

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