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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Man-Thing Series Blade

Blade really doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Nowadays we’re used to being inundated with Marvel movies coming at us from seemingly all directions, but there once was a time (way back in the fabled late 1990s) when Blade was holding it down all by his lonesome, and his movies, at least the first two, were completely awesome — AND they still hold up, mostly. ToyBiz did right by Wesley Snipes’ take on the cinematic character with their rendering of Blade in wave 5 of the original Marvel Legends line, but it’s great to finally get an update all these years later now that Hasbro has finally hit their stride (with a vengeance).

So has Hasbro given us a figure worthy of the character’s legacy? Let’s take a look!

Now, I’m not all that familiar with recent comic interpretations of Blade, but since this is supposed to be based on his modern comic appearances, it’s plain to see Wesley Snipes’ influence still lingering around the design, which is fine by me. The black packaging with the red lettering brings to mind the old movies, and I’m really digging the sigil they came up with for him on the top of the box. It reminds me of Slayer’s incomplete pentagram logo.

Blade’s design is pretty basic, but there is actually a lot of careful attention to detail here. He looks awesome. Though I will admit I do find myself wishing he had a coat since I can’t shake the Wesley Snipes association, but he does looks totally cool without it. There’s a texture to his vest and piping on his pants that make the design feel more substantial than it appears to be at a glance.

We get two head sculpt options with Blade — what a time to be alive, right? Remember the ToyBiz days when these would have been two different figures and one of them would have been packed 1 per every 11 or so cases? I’m so glad those days are over. Anyway. Of the two heads, I’m definitely partial to the one with more hair because it does remind me more of Snipes, but the “bald” head does have its charm, and I guess it’s the more comic-accurate of the two (but that’s just an assumption).

For accessories, Blade comes with his trusty vampire-slayin’ sword and a piece of the Man-Thing Build-a-Figure. There are stakes adorned on his chest and thigh, but they aren’t removable, so they’re purely decorative. He can’t hold them, but they look cool, so that’s what really matters, right? The strap that his sheath is attached to can slip off, so maybe that counts as an accessory too.

Articulation-wise, he’s up to the current standard of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, which means it’s adequate and awesome — mostly. The one downside is his his ankles. There’s not a lot of forward movement to them, so it’s difficult to get him into dynamic poses that he can actually hold. I’m sure spending more time and finding the sweet spots will help, but right out of the box it’s a little annoying.

In terms of size, he’s a little smaller than the recent Marvel movie figures like Hela, but he’s ever so slightly larger than a true 6-inch scale like the Articulated Icons figures, so I guess I’d say he hits this sweet spot right in between.

Blade is one of only two comic-based figures in the Man-Thing wave, not counting Man-Thing himself. He’s really well done and worth whatever trouble it may take to track him down. I scored mine at Walgreens, but he is also available as part of the wave at these fine retailers:

22 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Man-Thing Series Blade

  1. You can easily sculpt an agry head and not have it look like they are constipated. Just look at every angry face in the DBZ Figuarts line.

  2. Most people do look like they are taking a dump when angry. Good observation and you should write for the Fwoosh.

  3. Good idea. I gotta dig my TB Blade out. Hope the jacket held up through the years.

  4. Can’t wait to find this guy. I still have my TB Blade. Wonder if the coat would fit on this new figure?

  5. other then the ankle problem hasbro once again looks to have come through with upgrading another characters old toybiz legend for the current ml collector wish he could have come also with some stakes besides the ones on his strap

  6. They used him for Hobgoblin and Green Goblin, but yeah…They have done a few remakes of their own. Ben Reilly, black bolt, DD, Fantastic Four, she hulk, black costume spider-man, kinda sorta with Ares. Emma needs to be remade a 3rd time…

    I really want to see them have another crack at Black Knight and Union Jack. Then bring on Spitfire, Wisdom, Meggan, Excalibur…

  7. Yeah, I thought the Dread Knight figure was going to be a pre-curser to a lot of new characters since the tooling required so much, but that hasn’t happened.

    I like my Dane Whitman that I have, but it still has many issues. Though Hasbro hasn’t remade too many of their own figures so far.

  8. Yeah that look was terrible. Maybe a smirk showing his teeth, but I hate screaming heads. Plus he has rarely worn a coat in over a decade. He added one to the Ronin outfit in Mighty Avengers but he’s been consistently in this outfit from Captain Britain and MI-13 on. There, X-men, side appearances, guest stars, all the way to the upcoming spirits of vengeance story where he has a haircut just like the non-bald head with this figure. Do you even comic, bro?

  9. It’s the look he had as part of MI-13. Probably the best story including blade since his movies. I agreed about the look but it grew on me. And the story left an impression.

    That said there were some weird design choices there. Captain Britains look in that was pretty boring

  10. This. I can’t believe we don’t have a black knight figure especially since the dreadknight figure is pretty much there.

    I agree with the Pete head pack-in, but I’d really like to see a new suited body with a vest as well. It would be great for Pete and a Mr Knight as well

  11. As a HUGE fan of MI-13 I love this figure.
    It’s almost realistic to get a Megan and a Pete Wisdom.
    I’d be happy with just a Pete Wisdom pack-in head and hands with another figure. I have enough suit bodies.

  12. For me this was a major letdown. The ankles are the pits and a letdown due to the sculpt of the pants. The head-sculpts were good but really needed an open mouth expression. This is Blade and a chance to do an appropriate open mouth expression like from SDCC 2012, the Blade that was never released.
    Having a coat for him also would have been ideal but again a complete figure letdown.

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