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Fwoosh Weekly: Spider-Man Legends Leak, Star Wars Black Series, Mezco, MAFEX, and Articulated Icons!

Not a lot going on this week but I still give it a good ten minutes of blabbing before heading back to The Defenders. Let’s talk about Mezco’s One:12 Collective Spider-Man, The Fwoosh Marvel Legends Top 10, Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series Captain Rex (again), Medicom’s MAFEX Spider-Man, how Articulated Icons will go back up for sale soon, and the latest leak list for Spider-Man Legends.

Mezco One:12 Collective Spider-Man: Homecoming

Medicom MAFEX Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series HasCon exclusive Captain Rex

The Fwoosh Marvel Legends Top 10

Spider-Man Legends Leak List

37 thoughts on “Fwoosh Weekly: Spider-Man Legends Leak, Star Wars Black Series, Mezco, MAFEX, and Articulated Icons!

  1. That Mezco MCU Spidey is totally working for me. Might be my favorite collectible version of the character thus far. While I’m really digging what SH Figuarts has been doing with most of their MCU stuff, Mezco is really doing some neat stuff.

  2. Probably the first full Spider-Man wave I’ve wanted in some time. I’ve wanted ML Cloak & Dagger forever. I’ve loved them since the Maximum Carnage video game introduced me to them.

  3. If nothing else you at least agree that the marvel select doc ock beats anything else out there right now, right? I know it’s 7 inch but it’s one of the gems of my collection.

  4. Hear me out about MS cloak. I know sometimes he has arms and legs but by and large he is not depicted with any. I really dig the approach to this. And you can make dagger float within his void by draping her hair over his right side of his cloak. It fits perfectly there and then she doesn’t need to stand up(she physically can’t anyway). For these two characters I really thought MS got the core concept of the two of them. I’m worried Hasbro cloak will just be a dude in a hood and cape and dagger will just be a girl in a white bodysuit

  5. I mean, we already knew that Vader was getting a single-pack release later on before the Legacy Pack version came out, so anyone who bought the Legacy Pack version either actually wanted the display stand (like myself) or didn’t want to have to wait.

  6. Hey all that stuff you said the dates on in the video, when does that stuff come out?

  7. Oh man! I was JUST about to make a custom of Cloak. Now I can just wait out this official release. Yay!

  8. You guys aren’t alone, I’m totally down for a Maverick too. Especially since my most wanted is less likely to happen. WAAY less likely to happen.

  9. So this leaked list is for the Spidey wave that comes AFTER the Lizard wave?

    ‘Cuz I’m still holding out for a Spider-Man Noir.

    Also, not sure how I feel about that TBS6 Vader rerelease. The Legacy Pack was a definite shelfwarmer by me. I haven’t picked mine up yet (waiting for a good clearance), but those who paid full price might feel a sting.

    Also, I’m gonna need, like fifty billion of that Captain Rex, thanks.

  10. I’d be 100% down for a Kaine Scarlet Spider; the first one we got was on the Bullseye buck and that figure had been showing its age back when Hasbro kicked off Return of Marvel Legends.

  11. I feel your pain. I have an even older one from Toybiz. Tiny one as well. I have actually asked one customizer for price estimate so that he can make me one,

  12. REALLY. MS Cloak is NO figure by any stretch of the definition or infinite imagination. IT is literally just a semi-cone shaped hollow piece of plastic.
    Tyrone deserves BETTER…
    Hopefully Legends is proper in their iteration.

  13. Haven’t had enough scarlet spiders and daredevils yet, huh? Really want a look at cloak dagger and doc ock. My marvel selects for them are pretty great but I would love hasbro versions of them

  14. I thought I was the only one who wanted maverick! We got the tiny one when xmen origins came out and I thought for sure we would get a 6inch. Grrr. I want to have him in my display with sabertooth wolverine and omega red so bad!

  15. My most wanted figure is Maverick. don’t think it will ever get made, but fingers crossed. If not i hope to see marrow as well some day.

  16. My most wanted ML figure would have to be the Shadow King in his astral plane form. a much needed character seeing as he is the reason Xavier decided to create the Xmen in the first place

  17. Mafex for me. THe alternate head. It’s going to be almost the same price as Hasbro’s 2 pack except more accessories. I am sold on Mafex and that is where my money is going. Plus Mafex fits with my America figures very well.

  18. In some possible alternate timeline out there, the BAF of the leaked Spider-Man wave is going to be Armadillo. But probably not ours. So he is definitely my most wanted Legend.

  19. Hi, Robo. For this initial stock, it sounds like there’ll be plenty available, but when you eventually start the sale for the more limited figures (I’m guessing the martial artists and possibly the samurai), have you guys considered limiting the sale to Kickstarter backers only for the first 24 hours? The Four Horsemen did this with their first in stock sale for Mythic Legions 1.0 and it was much appreciated by the backers, since they were only competing against hundreds of other people instead of possibly thousands.

    Also, have you guys considered a limited number of all-in/revised devoted legion packs (excluding Smokey, but including Shinobi)? I’d definitely be down for another full set and it’d be a great way to grab them all once they go in stock instead of having to put each one in the cart. Thanks!

  20. Well, I mean, first of all, you’re gonna be more likely to put obscure characters in a normal assortment where people will often be picking up multiple characters, and many kids and adults will want some allies or enemies to play and/or display with, even if they don’t know the character, and they’re gonna be more likely to do that when it’s a normal-priced single-packed figure sitting on the peg next to other characters they know compared to a more expensive multi-pack where they may only be intrigued by one of the two figures in the pack and it’s separated somewhat from the normal figures, but even ignoring that, there’s one thing that Hasbro knows will sell at least a fair amount of even the most unpopular figures: BAF pieces.

  21. i guess? it’s just a super weird gamble. like, if they’re not confident in these two characters, who’re almost always hand-in-hand, selling together, how does that make them think they’ll sell better on their own? i like hasbro, this just seems miscalculated.

  22. All of those 2-packs have at least one very well-known character, though. Hasbro probably doesn’t want to make a 2-pack unless they’re sure it’ll sell well, it seems.

  23. am i the only one who thinks it’s super weird to sell cloak and dagger as single carded figures?? instead of like, an exclusive two-pack or something?
    like imo they don’t really have much to offer individually, knowing my area it’s going to be a pain to get both because cloak will sell more just for looking cool, and i’m sure dagger will pegwarm like crazy. it’s just such a weird choice to make the year after hasbro releases three two-packs, all done exceptionally well.

  24. The MAFEX looks better, but I just don’t trust the brand, and that’s enough for me to side with the Figuarts version. I’ve never had issues with breakage or loose joints beyond my CW Cap’s loose left ankle.


    Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

  25. Thanks for the update. Love the line so far, wish I bought more during the kickstarter.

  26. That MAFEX Spidey is looking pretty sweet. While I look forward to receiving my Figuarts version, I get the feeling that MAFEX might win this round. IF the joints are tight, and there are no breakage issues…

  27. Hmm… That Finn could be useful for filling out your First Order ranks, I did that for the FN-2187 release then went for the Jakku release as my main Finn, even though I like FN-2187’s head better. I don’t like the plastic cape the new Kylo Ren, not after what they did for Vader. That Rex pic you showed that you weren’t sure about… (shrug)

  28. The upcoming sale will be for abundant overstock, and to test out the store/shipping. Open for a few days, close back down. The actual store opening is at least a month or more away.

  29. So for Articulated Icons, are we looking at the sale being months away? Weeks? Days? OMG is it only days away?!

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