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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man: Homecoming Stark Tech Suit Video and Quick Pics

Let’s get it out of the way. The colors seem to be dark. The proportions may be a little off. It may be slightly small. And yes, it’s jointy, with the shoulders being downright confusing at times. But the Bandai S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man: Homecoming Stark Suit Spidey is FUN. And that beats out most of my gripes, when it comes down to it.

If a review sends me into a downward spiral of posing and more posing and more posing, it’s a win. I usually like to get my videos up around a certain time and this one came in at least two hours late. That’s because I found myself going “Can it do this stance? How about this crouch? Will this go around to there?” And while it’s no Amazing Yamaguchi Spidey it can hit a lot of what you want it to hit, especially within the confines of it being an MCU figure.

I say the colors are dark. There is some dispute here. Some people say it’s right. Some people say it’s the Civil War colors. Me and my brain, we wanted to see a little brighter, but only because of how we perceive this Spidey overall. He’s a guy that actually enjoys what he’s doing. He has fun. He likes who he is. And what that has to do with the colors of the suit, I don’t know, but it’s how I think. Plus you can find photos online swinging to both sides of the fence. But the silver eyes are still wrong. You can’t change my mind there.

I mentioned the joints and the proportions, and this is again a how-much-do-you-want-to-nitpick situation. The neck is long to accommodate the range of movement, the same with some of the other distracting elements that are apparent in vanilla stances. And that’s where some of us take different paths. You either see the trees or you see the forest. It’s the Revoltech effect, although much less blatant. You get amazing range of movement but some aesthetic concessions had to be made. You focus on what makes those poses possible and it may drive you nuts.

Or you can just chalk it up to an awkward teen gaining muscle mass overnight from a radioactive spider bite. Whatever floats your Helicarrier.

The figure is handcandy. You can’t take that away from me.





Hand options:

Eye Options:


Back options (sans plug):




That last pose lasted about three seconds. But it was a glorious three seconds.

14 thoughts on “Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man: Homecoming Stark Tech Suit Video and Quick Pics

  1. I had such a hard time deciding to go with the Bluefin release or the standard. In the end, I had to consider space. Haha.

    That said… I will be getting that homemade costume Spidey with the wall. So it’ll even out I guess.

  2. Yeah, Bluefin is the only way to go.

    Btw, for some reason I thought this review was for the Mafex. Brain fart.

  3. And because that’s exactly what I said about the bright colors. “Me and my brain, we wanted to see a little brighter, but only because of how we perceive this Spidey overall.”

    But yeah, there are a few pics where the eyes look kind of silver but it’s actually white with shadow on them. I’m sure both movies had white eyes.

  4. I think I know why you think the colors are too dark. You said you think this version is fun. I’m going to guess that in your mind fun = bright.

    That said, I’m not going to argue with the silver eyes being wrong. It doesn’t matter if you use the version seen in Civil War or Homecoming, that was wrong.

  5. Great review Robo! Looks a tad feminine in some of the poses… also… can the Back Pack go on the Legends Figure?
    Mezco just announced their Homecoming Spiderman… oh em Goodness… wonder if that one has webwings… cheerios

  6. Thanks, Robo! Great review, btw. I agree with you on the colors (wish they popped a biiiit more), but he hits all other marks. MAFEX may prove a bit better balance of sculpt and articulation… but I fear he might be too tall to mix well. (as always, I will wait to see your review for verifcation.)

    But I love all the extra hands and accessories. They really let you communicate Tom Holland’s gleeful, adorable approach to Spidey.

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